I spent some time with our electronic log device development team this week.  “Keep it simple,” we say.  You want the ELD made simple – so do we.

TruckingOffice’s ELD system will be released soon with truckers in mind.

Simple to Install

I’ve seen some crazy ideas out there.  Cables running around your cab to a black box?  Who wants that?  It’s the 21st Century!  Bluetooth is the way to go!

TruckingOffice’s ELD is going to be simple and clean.  No extra cables.  Plug in the vehicle interface device (VID) and check to see that the little light is on.  You’re done with the installation.  Just download the app from Google Play for Android or Apple Store for iPhones.  You’ll need to set up your account on a browser, but it won’t take long and you’ll be able to get on the road.

Simple to Use

The last thing any trucker wants is a complicated system that requires a lot of attention.  Some truckers are still using carbon paper and manage to put it in backwards – not saying we don’t all make silly mistakes, but I think we need the ELD to be as simple as possible.  Plug it in, load the app, and forget about it.

We were asked about how a trucker can modify the log.  Yes, it can be modified by a trucker to correct the record.  We’re hard at work to make this as simple as possible while meeting the government standards.

If you’re working in the office, you’ll find our web-based ELD report page simple and complete.  Even if you’ve got more than one truck, we’ve got a simple solution to getting your trucks up to regulations without investing thousands of dollars.

Security on Smartphones

I’ve talked to some drivers who are going to spend the extra money for a spare smartphone or tablet so they don’t have to hand over their phones.  I don’t think we should have to hand them over either.  The regulations say we can either hand over our phones or email the report.  You can choose to email.  It will be simpler for both of you.  Do you think the local state highway patrol officer is going to learn how to use every single ELD system out there?  I’m going to offer to email it before they ask.

Then again, who hasn’t been on the road and lost their cell signal?  Knowing how to secure your phone so that your personal data isn’t accessible is going to be simple too.  You’ll have a passcode to get back to your normal smartphone use.  Just don’t write it on your phone case, ok?

We’ll have the instructions online on how to get out of the secure report mode, just in case you can’t remember.

Watch for the Coming ELD from TruckingOffice.

We’re getting ready to launch our pre-release sale.  Check out our ELD page.  You won’t want to miss our low introductory prices!  If you sign up for our ELD Buyers Guide, you’ll get the advance notice of all our ELD information to get onto the simplest ELD system out there.

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