If you don’t have anything better to do – like watch paint dry – go read the trucker forums online about the electronic logging device mandate.

There are a lot of angry truckers out there.

I get it.  I don’t like

  • being told I’m not responsible enough to set my own hours
  • feeling like I don’t have control over my business
  • being treated like a five year old (It’s time to go to bed now!)
  • racing to beat the deadline because the clock tells me I have to speed to finish my lane.

Sound familiar?  It’s a lot more graphic on the forums.

I think the biggest issue isn’t really about the ELD itself.  It’s about the hours.  We could manage a paper log.  Maybe we shifted a few hours here and there, but we knew that the three hours we napped while we were waiting for a load wasn’t time on duty.  Now the ELD looks like it’s taking away our control of our time and truck like a mommy taking away the toys to make Junior go to bed.  Of course we resent that.

Then there are the myths.  The misinformation about the electronic logging device mandate out there boggles my mind.

There’s too much nonsense going around these days . Unfortunately, some hoaxes never seem to die. And that’s a pity, because the switch to electronic logging devices gives truckers what they have wanted for years. Here’s why we say that.

The Agony of Paperwork

You got into this profession because you wanted to make good money working with your hands, not pushing a pencil, right? Well, nothing involves pencil pushing more than keeping logs the old-fashioned way. It’s almost as tedious as filling out your IFTA forms using scratch paper and a pen. Why put yourself through that hassle when modern technology can spare you all the pain and aggravation?

No Job Is Worth Killing Yourself Over

Everybody knows that using paper logbooks allows some drivers to cheat on their mileage and rest requirements. That’s perhaps the most common reason truckers object to the electronic logging device mandate (if we’re going to be absolutely honest). But ask yourself: is pushing your body past its limit really a smart thing to do?

Ask your doctor. They will tell you that caffeine is no substitute for sleep. The human body will self-destruct if it doesn’t get enough rest, relaxation, and nutritious food. The few extra pennies you put in your pocket today mean nothing when compared to medical bills for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

REO Speedwagon Was Right

We’re guessing most of you remember this great song. The singer has a point: you’ve got to learn to roll with the changes, especially if you want to stay in business. That means adopting newfangled methods when it makes sense to do so. That, in turn, means complying with the electronic logging device mandate.

We understand how you feel because I’m a trucker.  I know how aggravating this is.  That’s why we decided to get into the ELD business.  We have too much respect for truckers to let them get suckered into buying something a programmer in a cubicle has thrown together.  We know life on the road and what it will take to assure you of compliance with the electronic logging device mandate without cramping your cab with more wires or bulky equipment.  Our ELD system is being tested right now.  Like they say on those goofy Youtube videos, check back for more!  We’ll be announcing the sales date as soon as we’re sure it’s ready for you.

Keep up with our news at our website and get the early release pre-sale price information if you sign up for our free ELD Buyers Guide!

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