The electronic logging device mandate deadline has passed, and if your truck doesn’t have an approved ELD device on board right now, you’re out of compliance and could face serious penalties.

Want to avoid those repercussions and make sure you’re in line with the FMCSA’s latest rules and regulations? Use this ELD checklist to get one that meets these requirements:

  1. It must allow for a separate driver and admin user accounts.
  2. It must sync up with the engine control module of your truck. This allows it to automatically record your engine and motion status, among other data points.
  3. It must automatically record all driving time at intervals of 60 minutes. It should record the following details about driving time: data, time, location, engine hours, vehicle miles, and driver ID.
  4. It must record location data. It should be accurate within a one-mile radius during on-duty hours. If a vehicle is authorized for personal use, this can be a 10-mile radius.
  5. It must store all data for the full, current 24-hour period. It also must store data for all seven days prior.
  6. It should be tamper– No one should be able to erase or alter information collected on the device, though the driver should be able to access a copy of their ELD records on demand.
  7. Data must be transferable. This can be with electronic/web services or a USB/Bluetooth device.
  8. It must require driver certification at the close of every 24-hour period. Drivers also must annotate any edits that are made.
  9. It’s on the FMCSA-approved ELD list located at The vendors listed here offer compliant, FMCSA-registered ELD devices that meet all legal specs and requirements.

All devices on the FMCSA’s ELD checklist will meet these bare minimum requirements. The key in ELD comparison is looking at features that can really improve your experience or ease the transition. At TruckingOffice, for example, our ELD is a plug-and-play model, meaning you need no extra hardware and setup is easy, quick, and simple. Learn more with our ELD buyer’s guide.