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What Does the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate Mean for Truckers?

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers on the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandateThe December 2017 deadline is fast approaching to comply with the federal electronic logging device (ELD) mandate. Some truckers are excited about the change. Others are worried. In this

Why You Should Look into Logistics Management Solutions

Logistics management solutions deal with the biggest problem in trucking:  humans.Who’s Messing Up Trucking?Let’s just admit it now:  trucking is simple.  Pick up the load, take the load to its destination, off-load it.  It’s humans that keep messing it up.We

How to Calculate Your Miles by State

There are three ways to calculate your miles by state. One requires pencil and paper, a pocket calculator, plenty of time, and sharp math skills. Then there’s the “free way” using Google.  The other requires only a PC-capable device and

Pros and Cons of Fuel Tax Software

Is this even a discussion?  Are people talking about the pros and cons for fuel tax software? Fuel tax software supercharges your ability to tend to IFTA matters with a minimum of time and effort. Just like the first automobiles freed

What Can Free Trial Trucking Software Offer You?

There’s no shortage of “free” things on the Internet, including a limited amount of no-cost trucking software. While you may benefit from downloading a free app for your smartphone every now and then, full-fledged software packages are a different story.