It’s almost Halloween and your IFTA is due.  Which is scarier?

Your IFTA is due on October 31.  Are you ready?

All those numbers you’ve been saving up since July 1st.  It’s crunch time, as in it’s time to crunch the numbers.

If a trucker is still using pencils and paper to complete the IFTA, then it’s really crunch time.  It used to be that the average time to complete an IFTA from opening the log books to putting the envelopes in the mail took hours to complete.  It was a long, discouraging day with no miles, no income, and no fun.

Do you remember when October 31st was fun? Trick or treat and candy?  

Doing the IFTA on Halloween is not fun.  It might have even been scary when the numbers might show how much a trucker owed in fuel taxes – and they weren’t prepared for the bill.  Or the day wasted on numbers was a day not spent out with your kids collecting candy.  Any way you looked at it, October 31st was not a fun day.

The True Value of the IFTA Numbers

Did you know that your body reacts to threats the same as it does to pleasant surprises?  Yep – same reactions but a totally different frame of mind makes activities like public speaking a horrible fear or an opportunity for fun.  The IFTA can be the same way.  It depends on how you frame it in your mind.

IFTA numbers are data.  That data can tell you a lot of things – not just how much more you owe the government this month.  That data can tell you

  • which load made you the largest profit in the past quarter
  • your costs per mile
  • how much you’re spending on fuel
  • when your equipment needs to be serviced
  • when your tires or oil need to be replaced.

All that from IFTA numbers?

Not really.  All that from your invoices.

When you get a load and enter it into TruckingOffice trucking management software, you’ve started the process for all of those records.  That’s the true value of the invoice data.  It’s not just about getting paid.  And it’s not just about getting your routing done fast.  It’s about taking that data and using it over and over again to show you how to make more money.

“You can’t replicate the data,” she says. “If you use it in every part of your business, you just get smarter faster, and it makes it so much harder for other people to catch up.”  – Heidi Zak, Forbes Magazine

 It’s Time for You to Catch Up

Your IFTA is due in a few days.  Like April 15, lots of us put off the headache of filing taxes until the last minute.  Even if you still haven’t started, we’d like to throw you a line.  Sign up for the free trial of TruckingOffice trucking management software.  No credit card, no debit card, no checking account number needed to try out the entire TruckingOffice program.

Then enter your data for the previous quarter.  Run the IFTA report for free and see in less than a minute what you have to pay.  After you pay the IFTA taxes, come back and check out all of the other great things that TruckingOffice can do for your trucking business.   You’ll find that we take a lot of the scary out and replace it with the attitude that you can make your trucking business work and it will be fun to do it.

Your IFTA is due on October 31st.  Get it done fast and right and then get out there and trick or treat with the kids in your life!


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