Maybe fuel tax reporting software isn’t on your radar because you enjoy the challenge of filing the IFTA.

Ok, jokes aside.  Maybe IFTA software isn’t on your mind.  After all, it’s just 4 times a year and why spend money on it?

What about your invoices?  Are you using a template in Google Docs or Word for Windows?  It’s pretty much free.  You know how to use it.

The Broken Ice Maker in Your Freezer

Have you ever had one of those refrigerators with an automatic ice maker and dispenser?

Ever have it break down?  The ice may be in the machine, but it’s not dropping into the dispenser?  Or the motor for the dispenser won’t turn and the ice is trapped inside, so you have to open the freezer door to get any?  Ever find out how much the replacement parts cost, much less the installation?

I paid extra for that feature just so I could have ice and cold water on demand.  Now it’s not working.

That’s the same thing when an owner-operator is using a document to create an invoice.  The numbers in there aren’t doing any good – and they could be doing a lot more.

What if I could give you a software that does invoices and IFTA?

TruckingOffice invoice software

If you’re using a Google Doc or Word for Windows to create your invoices, you’re making work for yourself.

Sure, you may be able to find them by sorting your documents or searching through your files.  But those numbers are staying in that document.  They’re not accessible for anything else.  You can’t use the numbers to automatically figure out your miles per state.  You’ll never be able to figure out your profits and losses.  Those numbers are useless until you open each and every document and copy the numbers into a spreadsheet (or worse, onto a piece of paper!)  Like the broken ice machine in the freezer, you’re going to have to open the door to get the ice, when you shouldn’t have to.

TruckingOffice invoicing software solves that problem by allowing you to enter the data one time.  It will produce your invoice and then it will do more.

TruckingOffice fuel tax reporting software

Just like that, TruckingOffice takes those same numbers and will produce an IFTA report in a matter of a few seconds.

Take the hassle out of paying your IFTA bill. Gone are the days when handling your fuel taxes meant long, anguishing hours hunched over a desk, scribbling on paper and constantly correcting mistakes. Thanks to TruckingOffice, driving pros like yourself can deal with these matters while you enjoy an icy cold beverage.  It will reduce your stress, eliminate errors, and give you more time to drive.  Or share an icy lemonade with the family.  Your call.

Isn’t there something else you’d rather be doing?

That’s why we created the fuel tax reporting software to work off the invoicing information you enter when you get the load.

As great as our fuel tax reporting software is, however, we don’t want you to think that’s the only thing TruckingOffice can do.

  • TruckingOffice maintenance features make sure that you stay on top of every aspect of vehicle servicing, ensuring compliance and preventing costly breakdowns and accidents.
  • TruckingOffice’s compensation calculators allow you to pay your people with to-the-penny accuracy every time. Our product even includes features for team drivers and those who make different rates per mile.
  • You get all these benefits and more in a super-secure cloud-based format that protects your irreplaceable data from hazards such as fire, theft, natural disasters, hackers, and data thieves. You don’t have to be running a giant corporation to enjoy the same cyber-security used by companies like Walmart and Amazon. Our fuel tax reporting software will safeguard your vital information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling you to rest easy.

I’ve gotten that ice maker fixed three times now.  It cost me over $100 each time and I’m not bothering again.  It’s not worth the money to me.  But having a software package that works and pays for itself every month is worth it.

Find out for yourself how good our fuel tax reporting software is by taking it for a free test drive. And don’t worry about credit cards or checking accounts. We won’t ask for payment information unless you decide to go with us for the long haul. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with TruckingOffice today.

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