Do you figure your time into your IFTA calculations?

If your IFTA filing takes you off the road, you’re losing time. That means you’re losing income. It’s not like when we get paid a detention fee when we’re stuck in the shipping yard. It’s pure loss.

How much time do your IFTA calculations take?

At this point, we’ve been in the 21st century a long time. You wouldn’t think that people are computing their IFTA tax filing by hand. But many are doing that – even if they’re using an IFTA software.

  • If you’re using a stand alone IFTA program
  • If you’re using an accountant or bookkeeper to do your IFTA calculations
  • If you’re using a series of spreadsheets that you’ve cobbled together

you’re functionally doing your IFTA calculations by hand.

Why do we say this? Because each of these systems requires you to enter data into a system. Or worse, you’re paying someone to do it for you.

So how much time are you giving away for free to compute your IFTA calculations?

QuickBooks doesn’t do your IFTA calculations

Accountants and bookkeepers want your data in their preferred format. And that’s QuickBooks.

Don’t get us wrong – QuickBooks is a great accounting program. It does everything a CPA or a bookkeeper would ever want for the usual business.

Trucking isn’t the usual business.

Ok, because of how the government sticks its fingers into business and industry today, there’s hardly a business that doesn’t have a specific report that it has to provide. Trucking is at the top of the heap for unusual tax forms that we have to fill out and IFTA is at the top of that list.

We have IFTA. That’s only one of the government intrusions we deal with. Because it’s only our problem to deal with, QuickBooks* isn’t going to come up with a solution.

So you need something that’s going to handle all those IFTA calculations:

  • miles per state
  • state/jurisdiction tax rates
  • fuel purchases already made in which states.

If truckers aren’t thinking about how much time it takes to do all this work, they’re in one of two groups:

  1. They don’t think about the income they’re losing because they’re off the road and they don’t worry about doing it wrong (and getting slapped with fines and penalties.)


2. They already use TruckingOffice trucking management software solutions.

IFTA Calculations Solutions

When you use a trucking office program that manages all the parts of your trucking business, you don’t just have a software, you have a solution. You have a solution to

  • IFTA
  • IRP.

You have a solution for dispatching and routing that puts the numbers into a system. So when it’s time to do those IFTA calculations, you don’t have to waste your time by reentering data (and maybe screwing it up by entering them wrong.)

The miles per state? You let PC*Miler compute them. The tax rates per state? You let TruckingOffice update them for you.

The time you need to spend doing your IFTA calculations? You don’t have to spend time – it’s a push of a button on our dashboard and it’s done.

How much time does it take to handle your IFTA with TruckingOffice?

About 45 seconds.

Even better, you can do it in your cab, while you’re waiting for the crew to load your trailer. You don’t need a calculator. All you need is wifi or data on your phone and your IFTA report will be done in seconds. So instead of being out of a day’s pay, you’re on the road and making more money.

Don’t wait on your IFTA calculations any more than you’d wait for a cup of coffee at a truck stop. Your trucking office can be with you every day – at home or on the road.

Want to see how easy it is?

We’ll give you a free trial of TruckingOffice trucking management solution right now. You can enter all of your trips from the past quarter and discover how good it feels to get that IFTA filing done right away, with confidence that it’s done right the first time.

*We don’t want you to think we don’t like QuickBooks. We do have a way to transfer your data from TruckingOffice to QuickBooks to make your accountant happy.

If you’ve got IFTA questions, we have IFTA answers! Check out our IFTA Resource Page!

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