QuickBooks is probably the best-known small business software out there.  I hear a lot of owner-operators tell me that it’s how they manage their finances.  I Trucking Management Software TruckingOfficecan understand that for those people who are running a small fleet and have a bookkeeper.  On one hand, the fleet manager needs dispatching and routing software like TruckingOffice TMS, and on the other, the bookkeepers and accountants know and trust QuickBooks.  When tax season rolls around, having the two work together is an ideal solution for a small trucking firm with multiple trucks and drivers.

But QuickBooks doesn’t do your IFTA.

There is a mileage feature in QuickBooks.  But if you’re a new owner operator thinking that you could make that work for you – I don’t think you can.

You need a trucking management program that can create a load – the dispatch, the driver assignment and settlement, the routing, the mileage, the fuel purchases, the states the route goes through… It’s not simple.  It’s not what Quickbooks was written to do.

Right now, truckers and fleet managers are starting to deal with the last quarter’s IFTA filings and if they tried to make Quickbooks work, what they may have done is made more work for themselves in the long run.

This is why the new owner-operator needs to consider what she’s going to use for the business side of the trucking business.  If she does a Google search for “accounting software,” of course QuickBooks will be at the top.  But maybe the new owner-operator needs a system that takes care of all those things in a single integrated program.

That’s where TruckingOffice comes in.  We handle the trucking side of the trucking business.

TruckingOffice + QuickBooks = Trucking Business Success

TruckingOffice does work with QuickBooks.  For those who want the two together, you can now share the data to let TruckingOffice manage the dispatch and QuickBooks to write the checks.

How to put TruckingOffice and Quickbooks together.

We’ve set it up so that if you use a purchased box program offline, you can use TruckingOffice to transfer your customer list into QuickBooks.

If you use the online version of QuickBooks, the programs are integrated.  Expenses, driver settlements, invoices – all of them go into QuickBooks with the touch of a button.

But it won’t do your IFTA.

Can I tell you a secret?

We have clients who are accountants who manage truckers’ finances – and they use TruckingOffice TMS.  Yes, they have a subscription.  They enter your data into our system and get the same quick IFTA report that you would get if you used the system.

You don’t need an accountant to do your IFTA if you have TruckingOffice TMS. But you’ll get far more than just the IFTA.

IFTA is only part of our all-in-one-program for trucking companies.  We also can handle your invoices, your driver settlements, expenses, fuel purchases tracking and much more.

Here’s another secret:  we can let you try out the entire program for free.  No credit card or checking account number needed to get you started on the road to being a successful trucker.

We’re not telling you to fire your accountant.  Just don’t think that QuickBooks is your trucking invoicing and accounting solution.  Think trucking and TruckingOffice trucking management system instead.

Sorry, QuickBooks.  You just can’t manage the IFTA. 

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