Have you ever thought about hiring an assistant?

Someone to manage the office work, make sure the IFTA is filed correctly and on time, and to bring you coffee every morning – even if you’re on the road?

Ok, so that’s not going to happen.

Hiring someone to manage the books can be a smart idea.  It’s a tax-deductible business expense.  You’re freed from the desk work that running a company requires so you can do what you want to do – drive a truck and earn more money.

Many owner-operators already have an assistant – a family member back home who is keeping the books and paying the bills.

Giving these support personnel good data is key to making their jobs good.  Give them bad data – missing fuel receipts, BOL with a coffee stain on it, or mileage records scribbled on the backs of Wendy’s receipts – and it makes their jobs 10 times harder.  If you’re managing your own books, you know what it’s like when you can’t find the paperwork you need.

Maybe your assistant is already in your cab with you – Have you ever thought that you could use your phone to manage all that?

For example, a truck mileage calculator.

Suppose your mileage could be tracked and reported without you ever trying to find a pen and paper to write down the data to give to your assistant?  Surely you’re using your smartphone to do that now.

One of the best features of TruckingOffice is its integrated truck mileage calculator.

There’s an old saying: “God forgives. The IRS doesn’t.” The same holds true for state revenue officers. What you may see as an innocent mistake might make them think you’re up to no good. At the very least, you could end up paying hefty fines and very possibly enduring an audit. Why take that chance, when our built-in truck mileage calculator takes away that risk?

Knowing how many miles are on your equipment is important for many reasons. Not only will it allow you to pay your IFTA taxes to the penny and enable you to check MPGs and other important expenses, but it will also help you to stay on top of vehicle maintenance, preventing breakdowns before they occur. That’s important not just for your bottom line but for the safety of everyone who uses our nation’s road system.

How to Calculate Mileage

There is more than one way to track your mileage. Bear with us as we explore the different options.

If you wanted to, you could use a Google mileage calculator or Google Maps to track your mileage. It’s free, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming. Or, you could use trucking management software to take control of your trucking company and make your life easier. Our trucking software solution at Trucking Office is specifically designed for truckers, and it can be an invaluable resource for owner-operators looking to get organized and increase their profits. Our software uses PC*Miler to automatically track your miles, taking the guesswork out of IFTA fuel taxes and keeping up on vehicle maintenance. So, yes, you could use a Google mileage calculator to figure out how many miles you’ve driven, but do you really want to? There’s only so much time you can spend doing things the hard way.

When it comes down to it, our built-in truck mileage calculator saves you time and money and makes your job easier by automatically tracking and recording the miles you drive. But our trucking management software is so much more than just a mileage calculator. It can also

  • streamline your invoicing,
  • record your dispatches,
  • stay on top of your vehicle maintenance,
  • make sure your IFTA taxes are paid on time
  • track everything related to your trucking business,

all in one convenient package. Trucking Office is a one-stop shop for owner-operators in need of a simple and practical software solution for their trucking company. There are so many things you have to do each day to keep your trucking company running smoothly, tracking your mileage should be one less thing you have to worry about.

The Advantages of a Complete Trucking Management Software

Our truck mileage calculator is only one of countless advantages TruckingOffice provides. It can automate all those pesky tasks that give you headaches and upset your stomach.  Because you can use TruckingOffice from your phone or tablet wherever you have wifi, you’ve got that personal assistant with you all the time.  Best of all, that personal assistant is going to help you and whoever you have back home helping run your trucking business.

Unfortunately, TruckingOffice is not going to bring you coffee in the morning.

We’ll tell the coders to get on that right away.

Take TruckingOffice for a free test drive and find out for yourself how good our product is. Once you’ve used its trucking mileage calculator and other features for a few days, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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