We Have to File the IFTA

Maybe some of us are happy that the IFTA isn’t due until May 1st this year.  We have a whole Sunday to get it done right before we have to file it.

As the IFTA filings are moving online – most states and jurisdictions expect payment via credit card or debit card online now – we might as well face it.  The IFTA is forcing us to use computers.  Some truckers are publically saying that they’re hanging up the keys and retiring in November when the electronic driver log books invade their rigs – computers and electronics are not what they want in their cabs.  They’ll quit first.

But for newer, younger drivers, that attitude baffles them.  They’ve grown up with computers.  They don’t know what life without a computer is like.  They’ve got the advantage on us with computers.  It’s natural for them.

We’ll admit to handing our cell phones to our teenagers to fix something.  Or ask a kid to set up the remote control for the TV.  They just do it.  And laugh at us.

The young driver is looking for the computer solution to the IFA.  They expect it to be fast, accurate, and to handle the task so they can get on to the next thing.

We older drivers can learn from that attitude.  Whether we have a Sunday at home to figure the IFTA out by hand or not, the IFTA is due.

The real question is how long are you going to take to get it done?

What Else Could You Be Doing?

A nice April Sunday afternoon shouldn’t be wasted at a kitchen table with a pad of paper, pencils and a bottle of aspirin.  What else could you be doing?  You tell us.  Instead of trying to remember dates and miles, what would you like to do?

Maybe some of us need to learn from those young drivers.  

We’ll help you do it.  TruckingOffice isn’t going to sell you a program and walk away from you.  We’re here with support to help you learn how to use the program.  We’ll show you the steps of how to enter a dispatch – and then show you how little you have to do to get an IFTA report after that.  Just like getting the TV remote properly programmed, after you learn how to use it, it’s easy.  Simple, fast, and you don’t have to leave your recliner.

So put your feet up and let those crazy kids show you the future and how it’s making it easier for you.

Let’s make it even easier.  Want a free trial to try us out?  You got it.  We’ll give you a free trial and you can use it to enter all of the last quarter’s data and find out how fast TruckingOffice can compute your IFTA filings.  Then you’ll find something else to do.

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