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There’s no shortage of “free” things on the Internet, including a limited amount of no-cost trucking software. While you may benefit from downloading a free app for your smartphone every now and then, full-fledged software packages are a different story. You may discover your new free trial trucking software carries with it plenty of unseen costs.

Is “Free” Really Free?

I took a look at some apps on my smartphone.  There were a couple of free apps for trucking.  One in particular wasn’t so free:  the app was free but the service wasn’t.  It’s important to be sure of what you’re getting.  “Free” in the App Store or Google Play may not be worth it in the long run if the app isn’t stable or they expect you to pay for the service without revealing that at the beginning.

Many amateur software suites were created in college dorms by computer science majors trying to earn academic credit through independent projects. These students were less concerned about money than they were with getting their feet wet in the programming field. Many of these initiatives are still available to this day as free programs anyone can use. The trouble is, the original creators have long since moved on, meaning no one is busy keeping their creations up-to-date with the latest features and safeguards.

The last thing you need from a free trucking management software or app is difficulty trying to get your data out and into the format you need for your taxes, fuel report, mileage and fuel costs for billing.  If a program doesn’t make this simple, it’s not free.  It’s stealing your time.

Where Is Your Data?

We’ve asked this before because it’s important.  Where is your data stored?  If your information is stored only on your phone or tablet, it may be eating up your memory on your equipment.  It may be inaccessible any other way.  It may be lost if something happens to your phone.

Why Should We Worry?

Your business is your business.  You don’t want to be hacked and have critical information stolen.  It would be bad enough if they got to your personal information and stole your identity.  What if the thieves decide to hack into your business accounts.  Will the IRS accept that as an excuse if your business accounts were drained?  You need security that’s constantly being upgraded to prevent it from being stolen.

Some free trial trucking software might not be as secure as you need.

They also may not allow you access to everything.  A free trial trucking software program that looks sweet and promises the world but blocks you from using all of the modules before you give them your credit card number isn’t being honest with you.  They’re hiding something.  Be careful!  Read some reviews and ask a current user what they think of the program.

How to Use a Free Trial Trucking Software

Should you use this trip to track today’s load?  Maybe not.  You’re going to want to use data that you already know is correct and use it for every trial to make sure that the calculations are correct.  If you decide this isn’t the software for you, what do you do about the current data that you’ve put in – and maybe don’t have anywhere else?

It may be worth the time to put in a month’s worth of dispatches while you’re off the road for a few hours.  Check the invoices that the program creates – did they match yours?  Look at the other reports.  Do they show you data that you need? Or are you stuck with the usual banking reports that don’t really represent the trucking industry’s needs?

Don’t Be Afraid to Click on Delete

Free is free, right?  The only expense you have is your time, trying to learn this new free trial trucking software program.  Maybe that’s okay with you.  Lots of people like to fool around with different computers.  But for men and women who spend hours on the road, spending time on a computer is time off the road.  It’s not a good expense to play around, but if you don’t take the time to explore a software, we don’t know if it’s going to work for us?

We don’t have a recommendation of how long it will take you to decide if a software is wrong for you.  We think it won’t take you too long.  If you can’t figure out how to put a dispatch into the system quickly, then maybe it’s not the right program for you.  The best reason for a free trial is to see how long it takes you to get used to the system without spending any money.  So don’t be afraid to click DELETE when the first program you find isn’t working for you. There are a lot of free trial trucking software programs and apps out.  Don’t settle for one that’s less than what you need or harder than it should be.

Any reputable company will give you time to use their product before deciding to choose it for the long haul. That’s why our free trial trucking software offers a free test drive. So start your complimentary trial period today. You’ll soon wonder how you ever got along without TruckingOffice, the industry standard for trucking management software.

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