Can you believe it’s tax time again?

Are you sick of over-paying your income taxes year after stinkin’ year?

Trucker Tax Cutting

And are you REALLY tired of listening to the driver in the next booth at the truckstop tell his friend how little he’s paying in taxes — and you KNOW he’s grossing the same thing you are? (And you’re paying TWICE the amount he is in income taxes?!)

If you haven’t already heard of Dennis Bridges and eTruckerTax, I want to have the pleasure of telling you about him.

Look, I know you don’t have all day to be reading emails. So let me just give you 3 quick reasons why you should use him for your 2013 income taxes if you’re not already:

  1. He and his team at eTruckerTax LOVE and appreciate truckers, and he knows trucker taxes. (But don’t take my word for it. Well-known Texas attorney Tommy Swate said while speaking at a GATS Seminar in Dallas, “Dennis Bridges is one of the few CPAs in the country that understands truckers and trucker taxes!”)
  1. He has such a heart for helping professional drivers that he recently launched “The Truckers Million Dollar Tax Cut”! He and his team at eTruckerTax want desperately to save over $1 million collectively for at least 2,014 drivers across the U.S. (If you already have a preparer that you love, at least tell your driver friends to check Dennis out!)
  1. See if you’ve heard of this before: he actually gives a 3-Way Guarantee to every trucker client that he helps:
  1. He guarantees the lowest legal liability based on the information you provide
  2. He guarantees you’ll love his service (this one’s a no-brainer ‘cause they love hearing from drivers)
  3. He guarantees to keep in touch with you throughout the year, and to give you plenty of tax-cutting, money-saving ideas! (Did you ever wonder what those seasonal “franchise” preparers do after April 15?)

Dennis is so anxious to earn your business that he’s created a special deal for friends of TruckingOffice. If you click here, you can go straight there and get started right now. Or if you prefer, call Kristin at eTruckerTax at 770-984-8008.

Even if you don’t have your tax info together, you need to hook up with Dennis Bridges and eTruckerTax today — the sooner the better.

He and his team are the real deal and this is one financial decision you’ll be very happy about.

So click here or ring up Kristin at 770-984-8008 right now.

Yours truly,


P.S. He works with non-drivers too, but they really like folks that are in transportation and logistics.

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