Unit Operation Income Report New to TruckingOffice

I’ve owned multiple rigs in my time.  I managed all the details – the lanes, the drivers, the receipts, the billing – but I rarely could figure out which truck was making me the most money.  Here at TruckingOffice, we’ve heard the same from many of you.  There’s a real need for a unit operation income report to help truck business owners to know what they’re doing right and what can be done better.

What is your bottom line for a load? Using thesen trucking metrics, you can make the bid that keeps you on the road and profitable.

TruckingOffice provides an overview of your finances in one easy page.

TruckingOffice already has a lot of great reports to help a business owner – either owner-operator or shipping company – understand where the money is coming in.  Our Overview Report covers a lot of information, but you’ve asked for more.

Introducing the Unit Operation Income Report

We listened to what you’ve been saying.  We’re proud to announce the Unit Operation Income Report for trucking businesses that run more than one truck.  This new report will include three categories:

  • Driver Pay
  • Expenses
  • Maintenance

Including Driver Pay in this report is a great new feature that we’ve been asked for several times.  Now you’ll have a better overall view of your business from the same numbers you put in when you enter a dispatch and a maintenance record.  No need to add more – we’ve got it put together for you.

Unit Operating Income Report.

TruckingOffice Makes It Easy

This individual unit report can show which trucks and which routes are making the most profit for your business.

TruckingOffice offers a free 30 day trial for you to try out the software.  Just for the quarterly IFTA reports alone, TruckingOffice is a great value.  But give yourself the chance to see how much more value TruckingOffice has to offer.

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