Trucking companies rely on today’s technology to carry out basic everyday tasks. Trucking management software offered from TruckingOffice has helped to improve dispatching and time logging efforts. This helps make these companies run smoothly. Two things that are key factors with trucking company management include TMS (transportation management system) and ELD (electronic logging devices). 

What is TMS? 

TMS stands for the transportation management system. It is a platform that streamlines the shipping process. This subset of supply chain management allows shippers to organize and automate all the processes. Therefore, they have one place to review what’s happening and make the necessary changes as needed. 

There are many people and processes involved in getting a product from point A and point B. This is true for any company within the shipping business, especially trucking companies. With TMS, these companies have the tools they need to make proper routing decisions. And, based on transit time and other details. TMS helps to simplify the process and allows the company to have more control over their loads. The company owner can track freight and gather details about what happened while the driver was out on the road. 

What is an ELD?

ELD stands for an electronic logging device. Truck drivers must keep track of the amount of time they spend on the road. Also, when they take breaks. This information is essential and could be very useful if an accident were to occur. The log would prove if the driver took enough breaks to be rested and alert while on the road. An ELD system delivers real-time information back to the trucking company regarding location, activity, and their mobile inventory. This can help to greatly improve business performance, which results in better customer satisfaction overall. 

How TruckingOffice Software Uses TMS and ELD to Make Your Life Easier 

TruckingOffice Software can help change the way that a trucking company operates their business. These programs use TMS and ELD to improve productivity and ensure deliveries arrive on time. With these tools, TruckingOffice software makes it easy for owners to take control of their trucking business. This allows them to focus more on what is most important to them, which is moving freight.

Trucking companies looking for a better way to manage their expenses and dispatches or stay on top of their many invoices for customers need to use TruckingOffice software. The program can help with preparing for IFTA. It offers access to all the necessary tools needed to file reports in a matter of minutes.  

TruckingOffice Software Helps You Increase Your Profits 

If you are interested in finding new ways to increase your company’s profits, TruckingOffice can help. This software can help you keep track of your important information by keeping all your records in one place. Users may run reports easily and find their expenses and profits per mile. This ensures that they make the highest profits from each load. 

When you use TruckingOffice software, you will have full access to the trucking software no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. The program backs-up and secures your data. Furthermore, you may create as many users as needed for your company account. 

TruckingOffice Software Helps You Save Time

What’s one thing you don’t have nearly enough of as a trucker?  You said money, didn’t you?  While that may be true, we know that you also don’t have enough time in your day to get everything done.  What if there was an easy way to get more of both?  You’d be a happy trucker, right?  The good news is, it’s possible when you use our trucking software and electronic logging device.

The first thing you need to know is that our products were designed by truckers for truckers.  We know what it takes to run a profitable operation.  Whether you’re an owner/operator or manage a large fleet, our ELD and TMS package simplifies and organizes all aspects of your business.  By saving you time on paperwork, math, and IFTA reporting, our products free you up to get back on the road and build your business.

You should also know that with our TruckingOffice TMS and ELD, all of your information is secure and easily accessed, which will save you a lot of time.  Whether you need a profit and loss statement, find out when your next IFTA is due, or provide data to a DOT inspector, it’s all only a few clicks away.  

Get in Touch with TruckingOffice Today for More Details 

TruckingOffice is here to help your trucking business be more successful. If you are falling behind because you can’t seem to get organized or you dislike dealing with paperwork, this innovative software is here to help. Visit the website at today to start a free trial today, or you can call for more details at (800) 253-9647.

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