Sneak Peak!

TruckingOffice has a new, modern, cleaner, easier to use look and feel.  Trucking software is easier to use when it is easier to view.  The wider data rows and the cleaner labels make the data easier to read and therefore easier to work with.  The data entry forms have been cleaned up and organized to make them quicker and easier to use.  The pages have been made more consistent in both appearance and functionality.  The settings for address book, drivers, and units have been added to the main navigation bar at the top.  This way they can be accessed at any time with one click.  The primary tools for functions and searching are conveniently located for quick access.  It all adds up to a much improved trucking software that is more trucker friendly than ever before.

This new look will be released soon.  We are almost done quality testing and tweaking the new look.  TruckingOffice trucking software is recommended  by owner / operators everywhere.  With the new look trucking companies will have more reason than ever to recommend TruckingOffice.

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