Disorganization can be a terrible enemy when it comes to running a trucking business. It leads to constant wasted time and money in every area of the business. Whether it be more time spent compiling reports or having to manually record fuel or maintenance costs, this leads to less overall profit for the business. This is where trucking management software can be incredibly beneficial in increasing efficiency and cash flow. 

Record Keeping

If you are currently using manual record-keeping, you are essentially throwing away valuable time. A good trucking management software (TMS) can track and record virtually any information that you will require. It can track maintenance records so that you know exactly when repairs or oil changes were completed and how much it cost. TMS can also monitor how much was spent on fuel, record mileage, and monitor much more. When it comes to maintenance, trucking software can even alert you when there is upcoming maintenance required. 

IFTA Filing

Many trucking companies likely dread the time for quarterly IFTA filing. When you have to manually compile fuel costs and taxes, it can be a time consuming and headache producing process. Fortunately, TSM can make IFTA filing a breeze with its accurate tracking. Instead of searching through scattered reports and handwritten figures when it comes time to file, all you will have to do is a couple of searches in your trucking software. Every piece of information you will need for IFTA filing can be in front of you at the click of a mouse. Trucking software also takes the potential for human error and inaccuracies out, which helps you avoid potential audits. 

Integration with ELD

If you are with a large trucking company, chances are that you have implemented ELDs as part of the mandate. ELDs in themselves provide great benefit to productivity and record-keeping, but this can be increased even more by integrating them with trucking software. The data from installed ELDs can be directly sent to your trucking software so that it is easy for you to see and review. Need to find the hours logged on a certain day by a driver? Just hop on your software and enter those search criteria for a quick answer. The pairing of TSM and ELD can lead to virtually complete automation when it comes to record-keeping, which frees up personnel for more important tasks. This saves a lot of money spent on man-hours or correcting mistakes. 

Invoicing and Payment 

Good trucking software can make invoice management and payments much more streamlined. Trucking office allows you to create, send, and track all of your invoices and payments. This helps to remove delays and wasted time spent on writing out manual invoices. 


Dispatching can be quite a hassle when it is performed manually. It is difficult and time-consuming to keep track of which driver, which truck, and varying pay rates. Trucking software can track all of this information. This eliminates difficulties like drivers not getting paid the correct rate, arguments about who drove what load, or when and where a specific dispatch occurred. 

The Right Trucking Software for You

If you are looking to increase your trucking business’s efficiency and cash flow, try Trucking Office. Our software can do all of the above and much more. We even offer a 30-day trial for free to see how great our software is before you have to purchase it. Try it for a month and if you find it isn’t a good fit for your operation, then you can cancel your account. If you have any questions regarding our software or ELD systems, contact us today. 

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