Technology continues to drive new trucking industry trends as 2014 draws to a close.  For tomorrow’s truckers, this holds the promise of trucks that are more comfortable and easier to drive.  For fleet owners and managers, the new methods promise fuel savings and increased profits.  For the general public, the payoff will come in terms of increased road safety.  With a eye towards the future, here’s a look at current trucking industry trends.

Freightliner™ Unveils Cascadia Innovation Truck

Freightliner™ has long been considered an industry leader when it comes to cutting-edge transportation systems.  The company has once again demonstrated its technological prowess by unveiling the Cascadia Innovation Truck, a vehicle that combines current features with ones that are just coming down the pike.  These include:

  • Variable ride height that lowers the cab during highway travel to reduce wind drag under the chassis.
  • Digital mapping that, along with GPS, provides a 3D view of the road ahead.
  • EPA-compliant emissions technology for the cleanest burning engine ever.
  • The PackSmart™ HVAC system that maintains a comfortable interior climate with no need to idle the engine.

With innovations like these just around the corner, it’s clear that today’s trucking industry trends include a wealth of environmental and safety improvements that will boost the industry’s image and draw new talent into the field.

Say Goodbye to the Manual Transmission

“Can you double clutch?”  That question has been the first question posed to thousands of aspiring truckers since… well, since who knows when.  But soon that may no longer be the case, thanks to the automatic transmissions that are beginning to appear in todays’ big rigs.  Built by Meritor and Eaton Fuller, the shift-free gearboxes are designed to attract new people to the industry, those who like the idea of being a trucker but lack either the talent or the desire to shift through multiple gears in heavy traffic.  For recruiters looking to fill open positions, this is one of the most exciting trucking industry trends to come along in many years.

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