It’s time to file the IFTA forms again.  Are you looking for trucking IFTA software that will do it for you?

If you’re an owner-operator, then you need more than just IFTA software.

Trucking IFTA Software

IFTA is only one part of trucking.  It’s not even the largest part.  Truckers will spend more time waiting for loads or to be unloaded than they’ll spend annually on the IFTA if they do it by hand.  My IFTA took me 8 hours to do by hand – I might spend 8 hours trying to get loads on or off my trailer a week.

But, man, that is one annoying task.  Just the idea that I have to spend more money to do my job to deliver the goods made me angry.  On top of the hours I wasn’t driving because I had to do all the calculations and then go to the IRS offices to confirm I’d done them right –  the IFTA is custom designed to make truckers mad.

I tried to make it work with spreadsheets.  That made me crazy.  There’s so much data to track, but it was only part of what I had to manage.  Trucking IFTA software would have made my life a lot easier.  But the same data was needed in other places to file other taxes like the IRP.  Was I going to continue to do twice the work just to file the paperwork?

Paperwork doesn’t make me money.  It costs me money.

Trucking IFTA software sounds like a good idea.  Just enter the numbers and a report pops out that tells me how much I have to pay.

But how do the numbers get into the program?  How do I know I did them right?

It started to make sense to me that a trucking IFTA software was too small.  I don’t need a trucking IFTA software, I need a trucking management software because I run a trucking business, not an IFTA paying business.

Think about it like this:

What do you do that makes you money?  That’s what you need to focus on doing.

TruckingOffice Trucking Management Software – not just trucking IFTA software

If you’re an owner-operator like me, I needed to focus on getting loads on the road and delivered.  Anything that took me away from that was a problem in my mind.  I wanted invoices paid quickly.  I wanted my trucks’ maintenance tasks kept up so I wouldn’t have to pay for emergency repairs on the road. And yes, I wanted those taxes calculated quickly and correctly.

You can’t have a business without the paperwork.  But you can make the paperwork easier and faster.

That’s why we created TruckingOffice trucking management software.  Our software takes care of the invoices and accounting tasks.  The maintenance module alone will take care of managing your truck’s DOT required records by tracking the work that’s been done – as well as scheduling what needs to be done.  IFTA?  Yep.  IRP?  Yes.  But even more, we provide the reports you need to know how your trucking business is doing.  You’ll know what works and what doesn’t to make more money in the future.

Does trucking IFTA software do that?  Probably not.  It does the IFTA.  That’s all.  You need more.

Let us prove it to you.  You can try our entire program for free.  Take the data from the last quarter and put it in the system.  (You’ll be surprised how fast you can do that with our One Minute Entry system.)  Then run the IFTA report.  Yes, you get the full program for the entire trial period – go ahead, run that report and discover what you’ve been missing with just a trucking IFTA software.  You’ll get your IFTA filing done for free this quarter!  And you’ll also find out how much more we have to offer.

Sign up to day – no credit card needed to start the free trial (and get your IFTA done for free!) today.

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