Did you have a good holiday season?  Now that we’re into the New Year and the slower transportation season, and the IFTA is due in on January 31, maybe you’re working on your trucking business resolutions – especially about the IFTA.

Trucking Business Slow Season

We read about New Year’s Resolutions today.  According to USNews.com, most of us forget or give up on our New Year’s resolutions by January 12.  Do your resolutions disappear that quickly?

During the slow season, it is a good time to review the previous year and to make plans.  Plans are better than resolutions because

  • you don’t have the pressure of a “New Year’s Resolution”
  • you can break plans down into monthly goals
  • when you exceed your plans, you can make new plans!

The trucking business slow season actually gives us the opportunities to take a long look at our businesses.  We can start with…


The quarterly tax filing is an ideal place to make plans to improve.

  • Do you wait till the last minute to compute it and file it?
  • Have you ever checked your IFTA miles to pick the best location to buy fuel?
  • Do you hire someone else to compute your IFTA?

The IFTA filing isn’t fun, but it doesn’t have to be the pain in the neck that it’s been.  Using a good IFTA software will help you stop procrastinating, identify ideal locations for fuel purchases, and handle the filing in-house.  Each of these things will save you money.

Do you have an IFTA software?  There are many out there.  Before you invest in one, are you sure

  • the tax tables are updated before every quarter?
  • you don’t have to enter more data – such as miles per state?
  • you can know where you stand with your taxes at any given moment over the course of the year –  not just in January, April, July, and October?

The ideal IFTA software package isn’t going to ask you to re-enter data.  It’s going to use your invoicing and routing data instead.  It will be instantly available to help you plan fuel purchases to reduce your quarterly taxes.  It will be maintained and automatically updated for you – so you don’t have to look up 57 different tax rates.

Looking for more information about IFTA?  Check out our IFTA Resource Center!

Trucking Business Resolutions are RE-Solutions

During the down season, it’s time to solve your business problems.  Sometimes, they are problems that have been troubling you for a while.  What have you tried in the past?  If the problems are back, it may be that you lacked the data to discover the real causes.

The fact is – you’ve got data.  You’ve got records from your IFTA filings.  You have your invoices.  You have your fuel purchase records, your expenses, your freight records.

But if they’re not all in one place and related to each other – they aren’t giving you the value they hold.  That’s what you need.

Put all your records in one place, and be able to access them to find what the root of the problem is and determine how to fix it.  How do you do that?

TruckingOffice Trucking Management Software for Your Trucking Business Resolutions

When you’re looking for a comprehensive trucking management software, you want it all.

That’s why we have TruckingOffice TMS waiting for you to try right now.  Sign up for our free 30-day trial and use it to file your IFTA, to discover what’s working in your trucking business and what you need to change – no charge.  No numbers.  You can enter the entire 4th quarter’s worth of data and not pay us a penny.

That’s a valuable deal.  So make just one New Year’s resolution and try TruckingOffice now.


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