Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are not infallible.  Unfortunately, you may have already found this out the hard way.  Did your ELD go down recently?  If so, did you know what to do?  More than likely, you made some mistakes trying to resolve the issue and wasted a lot of time and effort.  If your ELD malfunctions again, here’s what to do to remedy the problem without losing time, money, or your sanity.

Who’s Responsible When an ELD Goes Down?

When an ELD device goes down, it can result in unexpected expenses and time-consuming hassle.  Of course, the driver and the motor carrier company both share responsibility for correcting the problem.  But if you’re an independent owner-operator, it’s entirely up to you to address the situation.  

So, where do you begin?  

The first thing you must do is make a note of the date and time of the malfunction. 

For drivers, the next step is to send notice to the motor carrier within 24 hours.  Also, you must keep a manual record of RODS until the ELD is back in compliance.  

Owner-operators or motor carriers must repair, replace, service, or correct the device’s malfunction within 8 days to avoid out-of-service status and some hefty fines or penalties.

It sounds simple enough, but things can go wrong, especially if the provider’s customer support is slow to respond.  If you encounter that problem, it may be best to seek another provider.

How to Choose a Reliable ELD Provider

ELD for trucking helps drivers and owner-operators accurately track mileage and fuel use to maintain FMCSA compliance.  But, if an ELD isn’t working the way it should, it can cause a long list of problems.  Of course, there are high-quality products or bad ones.  You need a reliable device plus dependable, responsive customer support.  But with so many providers out there, it’s not easy to choose the right one.  

You can begin your search by looking at customer reviews.  The reviews are a good source of information regarding the device or customer support.  You also want to check whether the company’s ELD is self-certified through FMCSA

Other things to consider are ease of use and costs.  If you manage a fleet, you need a device your drivers can feel comfortable using.  Also, you want to be sure there are no hidden costs such as activation, installation, implementation, or training fees.   

Why You Need TruckingOffice as Your ELD Provider

ELD compliance is vital to running a successful trucking business.  If your device goes down, it can impact your entire operation, so you must choose carefully.  At TruckingOffice, we have the ELD solution you’re looking for. 

The purpose of the device is to provide accurate HOS data and reduce the number of accidents caused by driver fatigue.  But, it can do more.  For instance, if you plan to grow your operation, you’ll want an ELD that can integrate with a TMS system.  

With this partnership, you can more effectively manage all aspects of your business.  Plus, all data is real-time and accurate to ensure FMCSA and IFTA compliance.  You’ll also save time that can be used doing the part of the job you like best: driving.  We offer payment plans that can adapt to your budget, with no hidden fees.  You can choose our monthly subscription plan or the no-contract annual plan. 

With TruckingOffice, you’ll appreciate our dedication to providing quality products with superior customer service.  We want you to succeed in the trucking industry, and we know what you need to make it happen.  So, order your plug-and-play ELD today, and find out how much easier your job can be.  We’ll do all we can to make sure you’re satisfied with our products and our service.

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