There it sits.  That supposedly awesome electronic logging device you recently bought.  Maybe you could use it as a door-stop.  Or, it could serve as a paperweight on your stack of log sheets. ELDs are not created equal.  So, what should you look for when it’s time to choose a new ELD provider?  Let’s look at 3 things that indicate it’s time to make a switch.  

#1:  Trouble Reaching Provider Support

In the world of technology, reaching the technical support representatives of a company is like pulling teeth.  ELD providers are no different.  Either you can’t reach a live person or they aren’t very knowledgeable if you do eventually get them on the phone.  

Truckers are encountering these problems daily, especially with some of the newer ELD providers.  If you’re unable to get satisfactory results from the support team, it’s a red flag that it’s time to change to a different provider.  

#2:  Your Drivers Don’t Like the Device or System

You’ve probably heard quite a few complaints from your drivers about the ELD solution you’ve chosen.  If they don’t like the technology, they don’t want to use it, which creates some big problems for your operation.  If your drivers aren’t happy, it won’t be long before your customers suffer.  So, pay attention to what the drivers you rely on are saying.  Find out what they like or don’t like about the device or system and you’re one step closer to finding a solution that works for everyone.

Of course, many drivers don’t want to switch from the paper logs they’re accustomed to.  That’s why it’s important to have a device that is easy to use and understand.  Once they’ve used a reliable user-friendly device, they won’t want to go back to the old way of logging miles.

#3:  Getting Hit With Hidden Fees

Did you take an ELD offer that seemed ultra-affordable or too good to be true?  Don’t worry.  It’s not your fault.  Many providers get you to sign up, then hit you with additional fees for data packages, training, installation, activation, and implementation.  If this is what’s happening to you, it’s time to switch to a different provider.  You need one you can trust to act as a compliance partner and provide transparent pricing information.  After all, it’s going to play a big role in the accuracy of your IFTA reports so you can avoid penalties or fines.

3 Tips to Choose the Right ELD for Your Trucking Company

Now that ELDs are mandatory, your first question is what separates a good device from a bad one?  You want to get the best value, a dependable product, and responsive customer service. So, to help you resolve this dilemma, here are 3 tips for choosing the best ELD for your company:

#1.  Make sure it is FMCSA compliant.  Check to ensure that the device you choose self-certified through the FMCSA.  Self-certification means the ELD meets the technical requirements under the ELD mandate.

#2.  Read customer reviews.  People who have used the specific device are great sources of information.  Also, look for a provider who offers a free trial run or live demo of their ELD.  

#3.  Evaluate the provider.  An electronic logging device is only as good as the customer support team you’ll receive.  If you have problems with the device, you don’t have time to wait days for a response from support.  So, find out how long the company has been in business.  Also, check their industry ranking, support structure, response times, and customer satisfaction ratings.  

Find out below why you should consider our TruckingOffice ELD solution today.  Contact us with any questions you have and learn more about our expert support team as well.  

Why the TruckingOffice ELD is Your Best Choice

ELD trucking will make your job easier if the device and provider are dedicated to offering quality products and excellent customer service.  At TruckingOffice, we want you to succeed in the trucking industry and our team knows what you need to make it happen.  

Our ELD is designed to be easy to install, use, and understand.  It works seamlessly with our TMS to give you the accurate data you’ll need on all reports.  The system is based on the familiar log book that you’ve been using, so it’s easy to make the transition from paper to technology.

With the combination of our TMS and ELD, your invoices, dispatching, truck maintenance, IFTA reports, expenses, and driver pay are generated more quickly and accurately to save you time and money.

When it comes to pricing, you’ll find that the cost of our system is reasonable without any hidden fees or other surprises. As well as monthly or annual subscription plans to make it easier for you to get started.  

Taking control of your trucking business couldn’t be easier.  Plus, you’ll enjoy the extra time and increased profits that come from being organized and in control of your daily operations.  
If you’re ready to get started with our ELD solution, sign up here today.

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