The Trucker Who Has Everything

When you’re gift shopping for a trucker who’s been on the road for a while – they probably already have everything that they need.  Or at least, everythingChristmas gift trucker smartphone TruckingOffice that they think they need.

Trucking in the future is not going to be the same as it always has been in the past.  With the new ELD mandate, a lot of truckers are leaving the field because they don’t want to deal with the technology.

Technology Changes Trucking

But technology can help truckers.  It’s just new and intimidating to hold a gadget in your hand and not have a clue what to do with it.  A lot of truckers only admit the barest minimum technology into their cabs.  They might have a flip phone that looks like something Captain Kirk would have used in Star Trek.

This trucker doesn’t think they want a smartphone.  But it may be the best thing you could give them.

Because it’s not just a way to make a phone call.  A smartphone can do so much more for a trucker.  With the right apps, truckers’ lives can be far more simple.  A trucking management software can turn around a trucking business.  One that can be used in the cab so that when the trucker gets home, there won’t be a lot of time spent managing invoices, tracking expenses and making sure the maintenance is done.

Are you looking for a last minute gift for the trucker in your life?  Do you want a gift that isn’t just something for the day or two, but the trucker will use every day for the next year?  

A smartphone with trucking management software is a great idea!

You have plenty of choicesWith all these options, how can you pick the right products for your trucker?

We’re no experts on smartphones, but we know you don’t have to buy the latest toy from Apple.  Any sturdy smartphone from a variety of providers is likely to work.  You can even get a monthly plan so there’s no contract to worry about.

Selecting trucking management software is simple.

Look for the following features:

  • Ease of use – You shouldn’t have to be a genius to use trucking management software.  The truly great programs are designed so that virtually anyone can learn to use them easily.  So choose a product that doesn’t require a degree in accounting to understand.
  • Available Customer Support – Everyone worries about how hard it can be to learn a new software program.  We have people available to help your trucker learn and customize the program.
  • Use it in the cab – Truckers need their data to go on the road with them.  Lost papers and directions aren’t a problem if everything is stored and available wherever there’s a wifi or data connection.
  • Designed by truckers for truckers – TruckingOffice trucking management software really stands apart.  With 20 years of experience as professional drivers, we know what features transportation pros like yourself need to stay on top of their business.  We built those into TruckingOffice, so you’ll get the most benefits possible.
  • Affordable service – The best trucking management software in the world won’t do you a bit of good if you can’t afford it.  That’s why we offer ours for a low monthly cost to meet any company’s budget.  We can customize your TruckingOffice package to include the specific items your trucker needs.
  • Free trial period – Choose the right trucking management software.  This is a big decision that shouldn’t be made lightly.  That’s why you can take TruckingOffice for a no-cost test drive. Plus, you don’t need to give us a credit card or checking account number to take advantage of this offer.  See  how good TruckingOffice is by starting your free trial today.

If you’re looking for a last minute gift, don’t settle for some Amazon gift cards or another pair of gloves.  Give a gift that your trucker will thank you for all year long.

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