When you order from Amazon, you now get more details about where your package is – even a picture of when and where it was delivered. It’s almost expected now in the online retail industry – even the Post Office offers it.
In order to do this, they have truck tracking software in place.

Freight shippers are now facing the same type of pressure to provide that kind of data to their customers. We know a lot of truckers feel it’s invasive and a bit like Big Brother looking over our shoulders. Others have just come to accept truck tracking software as the new norm in our industry.

What Is a Truck Tracking Software?

A simple explanation about software for trucking is that it eliminates the guesswork.  Instead of wondering what your drivers are doing, you will know where they are with GPS technology.  This knowledge allows you to coordinate loads and routes and provide better customer service.  With this level of insight, you can also improve other aspects of your operation.

Drivers often have negative opinions about software and technology for trucks. But after experiencing some of the benefits, they change their mind.  So, here are just a few of the many benefits of our trucking software:

  1. Real-time fleet data: knowing where vehicles are can improve customer service.  Also, it helps dispatch assign routes.  Plus, you have turn-by-turn directions to give drivers if they get lost.
  2. Track driver performance and safety: allows you to see how drivers are performing. 
  3. Detailed cost analysis: helps reduce fuel use and insurance costs.  
  4. Access the data from anywhere: mobile apps are available for your convenience.
  5. Scalable software: our system will grow to meet your business needs.

Our trucking software was designed by truckers who know what you need to run an efficient and profitable business.  You became a trucker because you love to drive.  Our system will give you more time to do that.

Why a Truck Tracking Software is a Must-Have for Truckers?

TruckingOffice truck tracking software enables you to track every vehicle in your fleet with absolute accuracy. As a business owner, you know that keeping an eye on things is essential to your ongoing success. TruckingOffice harnesses the awesome power of GPS satellite technology to give you a bird’s-eye view of what’s going on at all times. Here are even more advantages our truck tracking software offers:

  • Substantial discounts on business insurance. Many insurers offer discounts as large as 35 percent to companies that use truck tracking software. That’s real money that could be going into your pocket instead of the insurance agent’s.
  • The ability to respond quickly to the unexpected. Truckers are human, after all. They get stressed out, suffer from medical issues, and on rare occasions, even abandon a load. When these things occur, our truck tracking software will enable you to get to the scene as fast as possible to protect your interests.
  • The ability to reward your best people. As we said, truckers are human. Sometimes they fail to perform. But the opposite is true as well. They often excel to the point that they deserve special recognition, like when they find a shorter route or offer to stay at the wheel longer. TruckingOffice truck tracking software enables you to give these high performers the attention they deserve.
  • A substantial advantage over your competition. Most clients prefer to deal with a freight company that uses our truck tracking software. If you’re not offering them this important advantage, then you can bet that your competitors are. Why lose clients to the other guys when TruckingOffice is so powerful yet so affordable?

Find out for yourself about the many benefits TruckingOffice trucking management software offers by taking it for a free test drive starting today. And leave your credit card or checkbook right where it’s at. We won’t ask for payment information unless you decide to go with us for the long haul. After a few weeks, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without TruckingOffice truck tracking software.

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