Joe sits at his desk and looks at the piles of truck maintenance records his shop boss just handed him.  In here somewhere is a receipt for the water pump that he was sure he’s paid for last month – one that was costing Joe an arm and a leg as the truck sits in Goshen, Indiana, getting an expensive emergency repair.  Shifting through the piles, Joe finds a receipt for work on that truck – for tires.  He finds the water pump receipt – for a different truck.

Is that your story?

Is truck maintenance a headache that costs you money and time?

Truck maintenance - inspections that will prevent on the road repairs and accurate record keeping that impacts your cost per mile.

That tab has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in repairs. TruckingOffice Maintenance Plan and Report module is a click away.

TruckingOffice has the answer – the Maintenance Plans and Records module.

If you’re already using TruckingOffice, you know how fast and easy it is to enter your dispatches and pay your drivers as well as manage your invoices.  Did you also know we have a great truck maintenance management tool that’s part of the program – no additional fees!  Nothing to install – it’s already set up with the same information you’ve used in the dispatch entry form.

Your trucks and trailers are already listed.  Now it’s time to move over to the Maintenance tab at the top of the page and you can keep track of the maintenance and expenses.

 Questions about Truck Maintenance?  We have the answers!

  1. Yes, you can search the maintenance database quickly and simply for records based on truck, trailer, equipment or scheduled maintenance.  In fact, we have an alert system built in to remind you of upcoming maintenance.  Need to check those tires?  What about those brakes?  No need to check your paperwork or your repair records – TruckingOffice can do it for you.
  2. DOT requirements?  Gotcha covered.  The quarterly report is one headache you don’t have to worry about.  You follow your plan and instead of extra time with spreadsheets, log books and shoeboxes, in 30 seconds, you’ll have that report ready to submit.
  3. No worries about privacy.  TruckingOffice’s Maintenance Plans and Records module is self-contained.  If you have a mechanic in house, he can enter and track the maintenance data without getting to the financial data or reports.  Management can be looking at the cost-per-mile report while a secretary is entering a dispatch at the same time as the mechanic adds a maintenance plan reminder.

Here at the TruckingOffice headquarters, we recently got a phone call from one of our users.  When we checked his records, he didn’t have a single dispatch or load in the system – but he had all the maintenance records for his fleet in our program!

If you have TruckingOffice, be sure to check out our Maintenances tab on your TruckingOffice dashboard.  If you don’t have TruckingOffice, now is the ideal time to start up your free 30 day trial.

TruckingOffice works in your office to keep your trucks on the road.

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