You know all about the ELD mandate and ELD standards. That trucks are required to install electronic logging devices that track truckers’ driving time and ensure compliance with hours of service rules. You probably feel the same way most drivers do about the ELD standards. That they will only serve to limit your productivity, restrict your freedom and slash your salary. But, read on to to see if this is true or if some of the talk are just myths.

If you stop and think about it, you’ll realize is that there are a number of benefits the ELD mandate can have for drivers. First and foremost, an ELD means you can say goodbye to the headache that is manually tracking your driving time and filling out paper logs day after day. And the benefits don’t stop there. 

Benefits of Having ELD Standards

As truckers ourselves, we have designed a user-friendly ELD system that plugs right into the electronic control module under the truck’s dashboard. The vehicle interface device communicates directly with the computer in your truck and automatically syncs to an app that is modeled after the traditional driver logbook. This makes it easier than ever to track your miles and maintain HOS compliance.

The truth is this: The ELD mandate isn’t going away, so why would you keep doing things the hard way when you can install one simple, intuitive device that is designed for truckers, by truckers? 

Why You Should use an Electronic Logbook

Now is the time to start using a truck electronic logbook. Here are three reasons why:Truck Electronic Logbook Switch to ELD TruckingOffice

  1. A truck electronic logbook will help you make more money in less time. To see why, just think of how much time you spend (some would say, “waste”) keeping logs the old-fashioned way. That’s time you could spend putting miles behind you, which is the only thing that puts cash in your pocket anyway.
  2. It will make your job easier. Say goodbye to hand cramps, stray pencil marks, and frustrating errors. The new systems are almost effortless to use. They handle the record keeping while you haul freight. It’s like having a secretary of your very own, except that a truck electronic logbook draws no salary and takes no coffee breaks.
  3. A truck electronic logbook is the standard for the transportation industry. This is true here and now, not down the road. It’s already helping your competitors enjoy bigger profits with less stress. Why do you keep plodding along the hard way?

Switching to a truck electronic logbook is a smart move any way you look at it.

So how do you do it? The electronic logging device isn’t a decision that you should make lightly.  After all, it’s going to be in your life for a long time.  You want to make the right choice.

How do you decide which truck electronic logbook ELD you’re going to use?

You could get an issue of whatever trucking magazine you like and read the ads. All of them.  And try to figure out how to compare them to each other.  And price each of them.

Or you could just download our free ELD buying guide.  We’ve studied the government’s regulations and know what you must have.

Then think about checking out our new ELD.  Because we know what the government requires, but we also know what a trucker wants.  We’ve got a trucker working with us to be sure that we’ve created a product that works with truckers.

We are Truckers Who Created an ELD for Truckers

There are a lot of ELD options out there – most them aren’t built by a company that’s worked with truckers for years.  Let’s face it – most of them weren’t built by anyone who’s been in an 18-wheeler.  They’re new companies that see the opportunity to make money.  You have to ask yourself – how long are they going to support their systems after they sell you the ELD?  Will they move on to the next moneymaker and leave you stranded.

TruckingOffice is not going to do that.  We are committed to the trucking and logistics industry.

The transportation industry gets more competitive every day. So, give yourself the fighting chance you deserve. Switch to a truck electronic logbook today.  You’ll thank yourself down the road.

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