Nancy is checking her company’s receipts today – and something isn’t adding up.  Why was Frank buying fuel in Oklahoma when his lane from Pittsburgh to Dallas didn’t go through Oklahoma City?  Then there’s Leon, buying fuel in Knoxville?  What was he doing there?miles with stop in knoxville

The bosses are not going to be happy if she can’t account for these differences.  Unhappy bosses mean extra (unpaid) hours at home, trying to figure this out.  Nancy could pull out her trusty old US Atlas (published in 1980) and try to track down what these drivers are doing instead of starting dinner, which will lead to hungry kids and a dog who wants his leftovers.

Nancy could be facing a difficult evening, but last year, the bosses bought TruckingOffice.  She can throw out the old atlas and put the chicken on the grill because TruckingOffice can help her solve these problems quickly and easily.

For whatever reason, a trucker might pick a different route – condition of the roads, traffic or an experiment to see if one route is better than another.  Frank, for instance, needed to get off the road for his long break and opted for Oklahoma City instead of his usual Little Rock.  Leon planned ahead and got his grandparents to come see him in Knoxville for the evening.  Some companies don’t allow this kind of variation, but Nancy’s bosses know that happy drivers aren’t going to quit in the middle of Tennessee and drop the load in a library parking lot – like the last two drivers did.

map pitts to dallasnew stop in knoxville

Using routing stops to make your PC*Miler miles and the IFTA report accurate

Looking at the TruckingOffice records, Nancy can see that both drivers were given the usual route between Pittsburgh and Dallas, but they took different ways.  Nancy

Routing stops allow you to change the routes.

Adding a routing stop on a trip is simple and fast – and updates the IFTA reports with no extra work.

needs to add some additional routing stops to the trip.  TruckingOffice uses PC*Miler to compute the miles driven on a route – by adding the extra stops, she’ll get an accurate report of the miles and fuel.  If it’s good enough for the US government, it’s good enough for the bosses.

TruckingOffice makes adding route stops

  • Easy to do at point of dispatch
  • You can edit and add before invoicing

Now the records and the drivers’ settlements will be right, the IFTA and the invoicing correct, and the bosses, kids, and dog will all be happy.

Happy trucking familes love TruckingOffice and PC*Miler

Happy trucking familes love TruckingOffice.

TruckingOffice is designed with input from a trucker – real life experience makes a difference in our product.  We know what you need because we know what we needed.  Try us for a month – no charge!  You’ll wonder what you ever did without TruckingOffice management software.  Nancy remembers what it was like, and she’s smiling over BBQ chicken at the dining room table tonight.

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