When getting started, many newbies think that succeeding in the trucking industry is going to be a breeze. But, barely a few months into the business, they quickly learn that maintaining a fleet of trucks is no easy feat. Performing nearly immeasurable tasks – dispatching, invoicing, monitoring drivers, and more – can be draining.

Perhaps, that’s the reason why most truckers resort to TMS. This takes the hassle out of the trucking business. It not only helps improve operations and drive business, but it also makes it possible to provide better service to customers. But that’s not the only benefit that any trucker can realize. In this post, we explore three major reasons why truckers choose trucking management software.

It Simplifies Compliance with Industry Standards

Trucking is a heavily regulated field. IFTA, for instance, requires truckers and trucking companies to file quarterly fuel tax reports that cover every qualified vehicle in their fleet. The ELD mandate, on the other hand, dictates that truckers have to use electronic logging devices instead of paper logs to prepare hours of service (HOS) and Records of Duty Status. Then there’s the International Registration Plan (IRP). It edicts that all the qualified commercial motor vehicles operating in at least one jurisdiction must have and renew IRP plates every year.

Manually processing IFTA alone can be a nightmare. That’s the main reason why many trucking companies choose trucking management software. It provides a one-stop solution that simplifies your life. Not only does it consolidate and centralize your operations, but it also lessens your workload and keeps you organized as well. The result? Your day to day tasks such as IFTA reporting, dispatching, and accounting, become super easy.

It Improves Your Bottom Line

Of course, you’re in the business to make money. Unfortunately, increasing profits in the highly competitive trucking industry is a challenge. That’s another reason why many truckers turn to technology to solve problems, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

A comprehensive, easy-to-use TMS comes with all the tools you need to achieve this. Besides helping you organize your truck routes and simplify your invoicing, it helps calculate the size of your loads. Even better, computing IFTA taxes and performing vehicle maintenance schedules become easy. That helps you avoid fines and interest rates that result from possible delays.

It Saves a Lot of Time

Managing a fleet of trucks means you have a busy schedule. You don’t have enough time to handle the business operations and the stress that comes along with it. For that reason, truckers choose to use TMS.

Trucking management software offers valuable tools and resources to help trucking companies streamline their day-to-day operations. It tracks drivers, manages fleets, and handles billing. Furthermore, it improves dispatch and routing practices. That allows you ample time to focus on what matters most –  running your business and taking care of your loved ones.

Bonus Reason: A TMS Can Save You Money

As you can see,  the main goal of a TMS is to help truckers operate an organized, profitable CMV business.  Now, let’s look at some of the specific ways our TMS system can help you save money:

Insight into where to cut expenses. Knowing where your money goes enables cost-cutting where it’s most needed. All in all, a TMS will help you improve cash-flow management in your business.

Real-time data on vehicle locations.  A TMS allows more efficient dispatching and route planning, plus it informs customers when to expect delivery.  You’ll avoid waiting around at the dock to unload, wasting valuable time. All in all, this real-time data helps to reduce fuel costs, save time, and keep your customers satisfied.

Roadside inspections are quicker.  All data for DOT inspections are easy to transfer with only a few clicks.  Therefore, a TMS helps you avoid citations for the inability to provide accurate HOS information.

Up-to-date reports.  All your information is in one easy-to-access, secure place. With a TMS, you can generate any report you need in just a few minutes.  Need a profit/loss statement?  Or a vehicle maintenance rundown?  Where do you stand with IFTA/IRP compliance? This information is vital to keeping your business compliant. You’ll also avoid unnecessary costs or penalties.

You won’t find a better tool for running an organized, profitable trucking business than our TruckingOffice TMS.  

How Trucking Office Can Help

At Trucking Office, we understand that truckers need scalable, modern, and innovative solutions. That’s why we’ve created the TruckingOffice. 

The affordable, easy-to-use TMS does more than just manage your dispatches, invoices, fuel use, vehicle maintenance, and IFTA tax reporting. What’s novel about our platform is that it is built to meet your fleet’s changing needs. That means it can easily adapt to suit your unique business processes and evolves alongside the changing industry landscape. Ready to discover the benefits of our software? Sign up for a 30-day free trial today. Need more information? Help? Please give us a call at (800) 253-9647. We will be more than happy to help.

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