For weary drivers, there’s nothing like a clean, inviting place to pull off the road for a while, have a good meal, and maybe even enjoy some shopping or other fun activities. Here’s a look at three of America’s best truck stops that offer all that and more:

1. Iowa 80 – located just off I-80 in Walcott, Iowa. This place is to truck stops what Godzilla is to movie monsters: the biggest, baddest one around. Amenities include a 50,000 item store, a food court that would be the envy of any mall, a trucker’s specialty shop with a full-size tractor-trailer parked in it, a movie theater, and medical care with dentists and chiropractors on site. Open since 1964, they’ve had in excess of 64 million visitors over the years.

2. Porky’s Truck Stop (also known as “South of the Border”) – located near Hamer, SC. This stop is legendary not only among truckers but regular motorists as well. Amenities include an award-winning Mexican-themed dining, a hotel with an indoor heated pool, a full-service campground, numerous souvenir shops, an amusement park, and an artificial lagoon populated by turtles, snakes, and crocodiles. This pace would make a great vacation destination all by itself.

3. Jubitz Travel Center – spread across 26 acres just outside of Portland, Oregon. The centerpiece of this massive facility is the Portlander Inn and Marketplace. There you’ll find the world-famous Moe’s Deli, which serves some of the best sandwiches anywhere. You can also spend time in the always-open video arcade, see a first-run movie in the cinema, or enjoy live music in one of the lounges. In 2003 Jubitz was named “world’s classiest truck stop” by the Travel Channel.

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