Smart fleet vehicle management can help you contain your costs, boost your profits, and keep your people happy.

 Fleet vehicle management

Fleet vehicle management is probably the most important thing that a fleet manager has to track.  There aren’t any invoices, IFTA filings or IRP taxes to file if the trucks aren’t on the road.  Three things have to be on your mind at any given time to manage your business.

Is a new truck in your future?

It’s got to be on our minds as our trucks age and after the CVSA Roadcheck Blitz, maybe you’re forced to think about it.  Managing a fleet is more than deciding if it’s time to buy new (or used).

You need good information about each of your trucks.  Not just a general report about all the trucks – a breakdown report that shows you each one.

That may be hard to get unless you’re using a system that tracks each truck and each driver separately.

If you’re using a spreadsheet system, you’ve just created so much work for your team and your bookkeeper/accountant.  If you’re using Quickbooks, have you been entering each truck separately and creating unique accounts?

TruckingOffice will tell you right away how your current trucks are performing. This will give you a benchmark against which to compare the trucks coming out today. You’ll know whether it’s time to trade in or if you should just hold onto what you’ve got.

Accidents and Audits

Fleet vehicle management will keep you and your company out of the lawyer’s crosshairs. When an accident happens, the court will want to know if you were on top of truck maintenance and driver training.

Then there’s the DOT audit.  The roadside check is bad, but the notice of an audit by the Department of Transportation has to be worse.  If there’s any question that you’re not in compliance, you’ve got to produce your records that show you’ve been a responsible owner/manager.

TruckingOffice software gives you the power to prove your side of the story, saving your business from crippling lawsuits.  The maintenance module will show you’re keeping up with the required and the common sense maintenance tasks.  Fleet vehicle management with a good trucking management software makes all of this simple and easy – and reduces all your worries.

What you don’t know is what you’re missing

Fleet vehicle management can reveal hidden opportunities you might otherwise miss.  Do you know when to take a low-paying load?  Do you know how much you need to keep tires on the road and still make a profit?

When you use TruckingOffice to record your data so you can review it later on. It’s a great way to cut fuel costs, find quicker routes, and avoid potential pitfalls like congested roads and local speed traps.

Getting the most benefit from fleet vehicle management means having the right software on your side. This is where TruckingOffice comes into the picture. We built a world-class set of tools designed with a laser-like focus on the priorities of trucking pros like yourself. That’s because we’re truckers too. So, who would you trust more to give you the tools you need? Take TruckingOffice for a free test drive starting today and find out for yourself what we mean. We can help you do fleet vehicle management the right way.

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