Fleet operators can spend their time keeping trucks rolling or dealing with the complex and confusing DOT Safety Audit requirements. Of course, every operator knows what happens if trucks or businesses do not comply or pass: bye-bye business! There is an easy way and a hard way to deal with these endless government oversights. Trucking operators can do it by hand, or they can use an amazing, inexpensive software system to handle minute details. Specially designed trucking software makes life easier by tracking business, managing schedules and compiling reports to help you improve your DOT Safety Audit compliance.

What DOT Safety Audit Software Does

Excellent truck dispatch software tracks each vehicle, driver and cargo from the time the order is placed until the trailer is delivered. Not only does this easy-to-use system create invoices, it also tracks the mileage in individual states and drivers. Required maintenance, safety checks and trucking fees are automatically loaded into the program; to-do reminders reduce unwelcome surprises and heavy-duty tickets and fines to make complying with the DOT rules and regulations easier than ever. Required information includes federal tax ID numbers, gross revenue for the last financial year, total fleet mileage for the last 365 days, proof of insurance and a complete list of all drivers who operated vehicles 26,000 GVW and above. Drivers’ information is detailed with the dates of hire and termination, driver’s license number and the issuing state, as well as the results of random drug tests. Some trucking managers spend hours assembling all of the required documents; they locate files, copy information, calculate mileage and verify the data. With the right software program, though, all of the information for your DOT safety audit and more can be accessed and printed out with just a few clicks of the mouse.

DOT Safety Audit representatives are more likely to trust information that is obviously well organized and maintained. After all, TruckingOffice’s truck dispatch software manages financial records as well. Every time cargo is delivered, there is an accurate record of mileage, driver, income, and expenses, including maintenance items and truck repairs. This data is easy to locate quickly and can be printed with the click of a button. Best of all, businesses can verify all information provided.

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