We’re all thinking about the end of the year… and the costs involved.  The IFTA coming up and at this time of year, business is down, so maybe you’re planning ahead for some maintenance work.  Not to mention the end of the year details to get ready for the tax season… January can be tough on truckers and trucking companies.  Maybe it’s the reason you’re looking for transportation management software today.

But it can also be a time to reassess what you’ve accomplished this year.  Look at the past year and learn from the mistakes and the unexpected successes. You could look at the TruckingOffice Company Overview Report to discover some new ideas for next year.

The greatest value of transportation management software

Transportation management software makes running a trucking company easier and more profitable. To see why, just ask yourself how much time you spend doing tasks like these:

  • Calculating compensation for your drivers. Of course, if you’re a one-person operation, then this job is fairly simple. But if you’re running a multi-truck operation, then payroll matters can take up quite a bit of your time.
  • Invoicing clients. Dispatch management doesn’t end when the trucker pulls out of the shipping yard.  Clients don’t pay until they get an invoice and a bill of lading that makes sense to them.  Adding up miles, figuring in different pay rates, and taking special circumstances into account can turn invoicing into a real chore.
  • Performing scheduled maintenance. This is one job that can make or break a trucking company of any size. Safe, reliable equipment is essential to your company. But tractor-trailers aren’t like regular automobiles. They require multiple forms of specialized service to function properly. Should you miss any of these important tasks, then the results could include fines, lawsuits, or even worse.
  • Paying IFTA taxes. This is another unavoidable part of running a trucking company. As you know, the tax man wants every penny he’s got coming. And he wants it on time. Taking care of IFTA taxes without transportation management software can leave you open to expensive errors and even audits.
  • Calculating miles. Without transportation management software, figuring out how far you traveled on each run is a time-consuming, stress-inducing task. It requires pencils, scratch paper, and a real knack for arithmetic.

The greatest value of transportation management software isn’t just all those things.  It’s the time you get from not being chained to a desk, doing it all by hand.

It won’t take all the challenges out of running your business. However, it can make these and other tasks simpler and less time-consuming. Then you will have the freedom to do the one thing that puts money in your pocket: driving a truck.

Something is valuable must cost a lot, right?  And it’s probably hard to learn?  Nope.  Not at all.

Find out for yourself.  We’ve got a system that was designed by a trucker so truckers can understand it.  We’re so confident that you’ll love TruckingOffice transportation management software that  we’ll let you try it for free.

Here’s a link for a free 30-day test drive.  No credit card, debit card or checking account number needed to get started.  How’s that for value?

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