GATS (The Great American Trucking Show) will take place at the Dallas Convention Center from August 22 – 24, 2013. This exciting event will include the Polish Truck Beauty Competition, Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference, free concerts and other momentous events.

Well-known pollster Frank Luntz will be delivering the keynote address; other presentations and addresses will be made by Eaton VP Jim Meil and ATA chairman Dan England. Needless to say, the insight shared by these individuals is sure to be of benefit to anyone involved in the trucking industry!

TruckingOffice will be setting up a booth at this event; come find us at Stall #15167. Just as we have done for nearly a decade now, we’ll be showcasing our trucking management software. This software is made to meet the needs of trucking operations of all sizes, simplifying essential tasks such as calculating mileage, keeping track of customer history and billing, noting when trucks are due to routine maintenance and much more.

As a trucker myself, I realized that conventional software programs did not meet the needs of this industry—that’s why I created TruckingOffice specifically for trucking owner/operators and brokers. Anyone who wants to come to the booth to check out the features is more than welcome. In fact, we offer a free trial version of TruckingOffice software so you can see if it is right for your business.

GATS is the perfect opportunity for a busy trucker or trucking business owner to network with colleagues, learn new skills and gain insight from industry leaders. At the same time, the event has a number of fun and enjoyable events that are sure to leave a person feeling relaxed and entertained.

TruckingOffice is proud to participate in GATS; we’d love to see you at this year’s show! Come by and visit us at Stall #15167.

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