We decided to have some fun with the Roadcheck Blitz this year.  Sing along with us!

The reefer isn't chilling Roadblitz Your rearview mirrior is broken Roadblitz the fuel tank cap is cracking Roadblitz
09 Turn signals 08 Windshield 07 Transmission
06 Muffler 05 Fifth Wheel 04 Clutch
03 Wipers 02 Horns 01 oil change

But at the end, this is how we feel:

You know why we pass the Roadcheck Blitz every year? Because we don’t just care about our trucks for only the week before the Roadcheck.

We care about our rig, every day, every week, every year. We don’t have a choice about the Roadcheck. We have to sit there, in line, for what seems like hours. There’s nothing on the radio except some kook talking about those two idiots running for office and I had enough of that three months ago. The other stations are playing music that I won’t let my kids listen to and my mother won’t let me listen to. The podcasts I downloaded are all finished and there’s no WIFI here. The clock is ticking, the fuel is burning, daylight is wasting, and the line is not moving.

Is it any wonder we hate the Roadcheck? Is it any surprise that we have to muffle our words when we finally get to the front of the line and listen to someone look at our perfectly good tires and tell us we can go? We’re responsible drivers who take care of our rigs. We know that already.

Ok. Rant over. Let’s roll. #Roadcheck is over for another year.

Roadcheck Blitz 2017?

We know we need it.

Now that Roadcheck 2016 is over, do you see the need to be prepared for Roadcheck Blitz 2017?  We’ve got you covered. Our Maintenance Module will schedule your trucks’ maintenance by the month or by the mile.  You don’t have to guess if it’s time for an oil change or to inspect the brakes.  TruckingOffice will remind you.  No need for a separate program that you’ll have to enter the data and hope you got it right.  Your records will be perfect and ready if the DOT ever comes knocking for an audit.

Try it for free – and all of our other modules.  Invoicing.  IFTA (pretty helpful next month!) Driver Settlements.  Everything an owner-operator or a small fleet manager could ask for in software.  30-day free trial.  Just sayin’.

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