TruckingOffice - Thank-You!

Thank you

to the truckers who make it all possible.

You truckers and drivers who are still on the road, carrying gifts from Amazon

Thank You

Probably no one realizes how completely we depend on your work, except your families.


To all you truckers who are heading home to spend time with your people,

Thank you

We’ll see you all next week or in the new year.  Because of you, we’ll be here.

Thank You from TruckingOffice

Trucking and the Holidays 

Did you know that while the rest of us take time off work for the holidays, truckers are likely working more hours than usual?   In fact, they are the only vehicles that log more miles over the holidays than Santa!  Without the trucking industry, all those gifts we ordered online wouldn’t arrive in time, and our holiday would be vastly different from what we’re accustomed to.

Many dedicated truckers across America are missing out on their family celebrations in order to make our holiday deliveries.  With more than 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the US, that’s a lot of people who aren’t sitting by the tree sipping eggnog and watching their kids open gifts.  

While you’re in the midst of your time with friends and family this season, take a moment to silently thank a trucker.  He may be sitting in a truck stop nearby eating a hamburger instead of being at home enjoying grandma’s turkey with all the trimmings.  He’s still on the job, delivering those last-minute items that make our festivities special.

So, from all of us at TruckingOffice, we want to give a big shout-out to all you hard-working folks in the trucking industry, not only during the holidays but year-round as well!

Happy Holidays from TruckingOffice!

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