Oh, is it spring yet? Melting snow and increasing temps may lead owner-operators to think about what the springtime has in store. Who doesn’t want to see the end of this winter? As much as we take time to clean our rigs during the winter just to get the salt and chemicals from the road off our trucks, spring cleaning your truck is a ritual that goes a lot deeper. With TruckingOffice PRO, spring cleaning is just one part of taking care of your vehicle so you can stay on the road.

Owner-operators who are smart are using this time to plan their spring cleaning efforts. Is it just inside the cab that we clean? Or should we be thinking about our truck maintenance too?

Spring Cleaning Your Truck and Maintenance

(Remember – the CVSA Roadcheck Blitz is May 16 -18, 2023.)

Pride in Your Ride. You’ve heard old truckers talking about shining up their trucks. They have pride in their ride. They seem to take it personally when they see a filthy rig on the road, like it gives people the wrong impression about the industry. That we don’t care about our equipment.

Doing some spring cleaning can have an enormous impact on a trucking business.

Be Professional for Your Customers

Getting a regular lane is a sweet gig. To know that you’ve got a commitment to haul for a customer week after week, load after load, that’s a great feeling. Not just satisfaction but the security that you’ve got a regular income.

Most owner-operators know that attracting customers is hard. When your vehicles that are unkempt, you make a bad first impression. Shippers remember truckers that they don’t want to see again.

Not taking care of vehicles has the potential to ruin lucrative, lifelong partnerships. Imagine showing up to a customer’s warehouse to make a delivery with a filthy vehicle emitting nasty fumes all over. Some shippers demand clean trailers when the trucker pulls in for a pick-up. They don’t want their shipment damaged by debris in your trailer.

The customer gets a negative first impression of your business. It may mean no second load from them.

After the long, snowy winter months, it’s understandable for truck to look dirty. Ice, snow, salt on the roads? They show up on your rig. But presentation is vital. Making sure it’s clean and ready to make a positive first impression can’t be ignored. There are a variety of ways prioritizing spring cleaning your truck can have an impact on the bottom line of a trucking business. Making a bad impression on potential lifelong customers is just the tip of the iceberg.

But an unkempt vehilcle isn’t just about making a good impression on shippers. It may indicate that a trucker isn’t taking care of what’s under the hood too. What shipper wants to use a truck that they’re not sure will complete the delivery?

Spring cleaning saves you money

Problems will arise when owner-operators neglect maintenance. Little issues snowball, which will lead to on-the-road emergencies. Expensive repairs can be avoided entirely when taken care of earlier. That’s why owner-operators benefit from having preventative maintenance plans in place.

Not sure how to make a preventative maintenance plan? If you use a trucking software like TruckingOffice PRO, managing your truck maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

A preventative maintenance plan in place helps to keep track of when it’s time to schedule certain repair jobs. This helps to keep trucks out on the road while keeping funds in your bank account. Preventative maintenance is always more cost-effective than emergency maintenance.

No Worries with a Spring Clean Truck

Truckers have plenty to worry them. Picking up on time. Traffic. Routing. Delivery schedule. Detention pay. So if it’s possible to eliminate one thing to worry about, we should do it, right?

Peace of mind is worth the work and the money. When you don’t have to worry if your rig is safe, then owner-operators drivers can pay attention to making their business more profitable. Drivers are less likely to have to deal with unnecessary stress when they’re on the job if they’re confident of the condition of their rigs. Reducing employee stress is likely to lead to high retention rates and happy customers.

When customers are happy, the business does well. Given the ripple effects it can have throughout other areas of the business, taking care of truck maintenance is pivotal to success.

Owner-operators are very busy individuals. Since that’s the case, it may be easy for other responsibilities to overshadow the importance of truck maintenance. Regardless, the benefits that come with spring cleaning your truck are immense.

Trucking Software for Busy Owner-Operators

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