TruckingOffice Announces New Billing Feature

Many trucking companies move freight by relaying the loads instead of a single driver.  This type of load management helps keep truckers close to home and that makes driver retention far easier.  But the billing has always been more complicated by splitting the load.  A split load looks odd on the invoice.  Now TruckingOffice has made this process far easier.

Split Loads 

Split loads aren’t always intentional.  Sometimes a driver can’t complete a load.  If a driver gets ill or has a breakdown, then the load is split between two drivers.  TruckingOffice PRO now has an option for the accounting to be clear and easy.  Instead of creating a complicated-looking invoice that will confuse the shipper and delay payment, TruckingOffice PRO’s invoice will be easy to read and ready to be paid.

Driver Management

Relays are used by many companies to meet pickup appointments, delivery schedules, or to keep drivers on the payroll.  In an industry where driver turnover is over 80% and often over 90%, those drivers aren’t leaving the industry, they’re just jumping from one trucking company to another.  Training new hires is an expense that any fleet manager wants to avoid.

Billing Issues Resolved Before They Start

When a company uses relays for their loads, they have the same issues with billing.  TruckingOffice PRO allows the split to be entered into the invoice when the dispatch is entered.  That way, the invoice is clear and easy to understand.

TruckingOffice PRO free trial 

TruckingOffice PRO announced this new feature for Split Load Billing in our trucking software.

You can learn more about this new Split Trips feature here.

If you run a truck fleet or manage drivers who are handling split loads, you can try TruckingOffice PRO for free to discover how efficiently you can use this great trucking business software.  Sign up today for the free trial!

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