Truck drivers are discovering the benefits of sending customers pictures of bills of lading to confirm delivery.  A quick snapshot with a smart camera or tablet and email to the customer’s office and the payments arrive quicker than relying on snail mail.  I’ve been using Google mail for years – I take a picture of the bill of lading and send it to myself for my records.  I’ve even started paying for extra storage from Google because I’ve got years of those pictures stored in my mailbox – all because of my smartphone.

In fact, the entire trucking industry is seeing big changes directly related to smartphones.

Plenty of people are still hesitant to use all this technology.  They’re not wrong – computers can crash and take vital data down with them.  Computer viruses can compromise security and hackers can steal information off a hard drive.  The last 20 years have seen home computer reliability tested again and again.

Smartphones and FileSafe™

SmartphoneTruckingOffice is now providing a better way to manage all that data on your smartphone.  We’ve created FileSafe™ – a new way for savvy truckers to feel secure with their bill of lading and rate confirmation images.  By uploading them to the cloud-based storage in FileSafe, you can keep track of the images and retrieve them anywhere – from your home computer, from your tablet or smartphone.  If an email gets lost or fails to get to the shipper, you can simply search for your uploaded images and send them again.  No need to wait until you’re home, or try to sort through your pictures on your phone, or worse, ask your teenager to try to find it.

Complicated LTL shipping gets a lot simpler when an owner operator uses TruckingOffice Pro to manage the office side of the business.

Let us show you – we’ll give you a free 30 day trial to test out TruckingOffice Pro.  If you want, put the last 30 days of loads you’ve hauled into the program with our One Minute Load Entry Form – you’ll be able to see just how powerful TruckingOffice Pro is.  Not only will it track your loads, the routes and the billing, but it can also manage your maintenance schedule and records and in just minutes provide you with a report to file your IFTA.

Store, share, and search.  That’s what you need for your trucking images management.  That’s what we provide.


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