What tool do you use the most in your trucking business?

Your smartphone is your best tool.

There are plenty of great tools out there that you could say revolutionized trucking, but I think the smartphone has changed the trucker’s life in a lot of positive ways.  We can keep in touch with home, we can get the latest news about weather and the roads, and we can run our businesses from our cabs.

Yep, that’s big.

Back in the day, we used to spend more time off the road, trying to get the loads, and trying to find a pay phone to call and schedule delivery of the loads.  Now I don’t have to leave my truck to do either.  I can keep track of my sister’s Facebook page and see my kid’s last soccer game.  Being a trucker is sometimes a lonely job – but a smartphone reduces a lot of the homesick hours looking a road in Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa.

A tool this useful shouldn’t be ignored.  It should be used.

How do you use your iPhone or smartphone on the road?

Do you listen to podcasts, chat with your friends (we know you wouldn’t drive and text) or stream music?  Do you run your business from it while you’re waiting for a delivery?  What about your banking?  Buying gifts for your family or paying your bills?

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about how TruckingOffice can make your business more productive and more profitable.  That’s true – even if you only have a computer on your desk back home.  But as our design becomes more responsive* to the various screens you might be using to access our program, we become more and more useful to you.  That’s important to us.

We want to know what you want and need from trucking management software.  Of course we already think we’ve got the best cloud-based management software on the market out there – but we can always use some input from you.

What do you need TruckingOffice to do for you?

Tell us here, or on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google+, even on Pinterest or Instagram.  You can use your iPhone, your tablet or iPad, or even your desktop.  We even have a toll-free number (800) 253-9647 to call and make suggestions.

We might surprise you – you might not know about some of the best parts of TruckingOffice software yet.  We’ll be glad to tell you, though.

smartphone trucker

*That’s what I hear all the cool kids say.

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