Some truckers like to get their hands into their engines and handle much of their own maintenance.  Other truckers spend a lot of time trying to find the ideal routes and the best loads. But nobody wants to manage IFTA.  If only there were a simple IFTA fuel tax filing option…

Imagine a simple IFTA fuel tax filing

[Cue the harp music.]

What would a simple IFTA fuel tax filing look like?

First, it would be fast.  None of this “take a day off the road” nonsense.  A simple filing would be done while you’re waiting to do something else.  

Second, a simple IFTA fuel tax filing would be just that – simple.  No math, no calculations. It’s the 21st century – we’ve got machines that do that.  

Third, it would be easy.  Instead of pages full of numbers of miles per state, it would be a single page report with all the numbers right there.  The tax rates per state would be already in place so that you don’t have to try to check each state to see if they raised the rates.

You don’t have to imagine it – it’s already here.  And it’s better than you could imagine.

Simple, Easy, Safe, and… Hands-Free?

Can you imagine an IFTA report that doesn’t require you to enter any data at all?

Sounds too good to be true, right?  You’re smart to be suspicious.

But we believe that you shouldn’t have to enter a single number into an IFTA calculator.  If you’re using a trucking management system, you’re already storing all the data you need for your IFTA filing.  Why enter it again?

Your IFTA filing report can just be a button push away.  Is anything more simple, easy, and fast?

We don’t think so either.  That’s why we designed it to be that way.

Enter a dispatch and select a routing.  Send the invoice. The computer does the rest. And part of the rest is computing your IFTA report.

It’s that simple.

TruckingOffice TMS does your IFTA report

You have a lot to do.  Life isn’t just on the road.  It’s at home with the family. It’s the time it takes to run your business successfully.  Mostly, It’s all the things you love to do.  

You want to get that filing done fast?  Then pick a way to do it that you can trust.

Trucking management software sounds expensive – especially if you’re paying per month.  Some months are a bit lean. In the summer, you might be wiling to pay for a program, but what about in the winter when the number of loads drops?  Is it worth it just to have a simple IFTA fuel tax filing?

Look at the bigger picture.  It’s not just about the IFTA filing.  It’s about making your life better.

  • When you know how much it costs to drive your truck a single mile,  you’ll know which loads to take and what to pass – and when you should take that low-paying load anyway.
  • When you know when your last month’s revenues, you can decide if a new rig is now or in the future.
  • Tracking your rig’s maintenance isn’t just about trying to remember when you got the last oil change, it’s about surviving a DOT audit with a lot less stress.

Does your IFTA software package offer you that?  Does sitting at a table with a calculator and a cold cup of coffee do this for you?

That’s why you need TruckingOffice.  Sure, it will do your IFTA report and maybe that’s all you’re looking for today.  But the big picture isn’t just about this quarter’s filing. It’s about making you a success.

Product Support Offered By TruckingOffice

If you’ve been preparing your own IFTA tax fuel reports, you may be hesitant to try new software. However, many drivers are finding relief with tools such as the miles by state calculator.  Our products will save you time and frustration. Additionally, we fully support our products and customers should any problems arise. 

Our website features an “Updates & Answers” section that provides new product announcements, product updates, how-to tutorials, and answers to common questions. If you are unable to find the answer to a question, you can submit a request and someone will get back to you with clarification. Our “Community” section gives you the opportunity to interact with other TruckingOffice users who may have additional tips or insights into how our software can benefit you. 
We are so confident that you will love our software that we offer new users a 30-day free trial!  If you still hand-prepare your IFTA tax fuel reports, give our TruckingOffice software with its miles by state calculator a try. We are certain that you’ll never look back!

Try it for free. The whole TruckingOffice TMS package for free – we’ll give you a free trial.

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