Which IFTA Software Will You Choose?

Is this even a discussion?  Are people talking about the pros and cons for fuel tax software?

Fuel tax software supercharges your ability to tend to IFTA matters with a minimum of time and effort. Just like the first automobiles freed people from the limitations of horse and buggy transportation, so this essential software can free you from endless hours hunched over a table checking and rechecking figures and worrying about any mistakes.

Here are three of its most powerful benefits:

  1. Speed. TruckingOffice fuel tax software does all the mathematical heavy lifting for you. You can finally leave the days of doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division the old-school way behind you forever.
  2. Accuracy. If you input the correct information, then TruckingOffice will give you an error-free, to-the-penny return that you can mail to your state tax authority with confidence. With TruckingOffice, you can focus on more important aspects of your business like prospecting for clients and making runs.
  3. Security and reliability. We not only created the best fuel tax software on the market, we also protected it with the same anti-virus, anti-malware protection used by the biggest companies on Earth. Plus, we back up all data to the cloud, safeguarding you from hazards like hard-drive crashes, theft, and natural disasters. You’ll never have to worry about TruckingOffice being obsolete or vulnerable to attacks, fires, or the weather.

We promised to discuss both the pros and cons of fuel tax software. So here’s the downside: you’ve still got to pay your taxes! Sorry, there’s nothing we can do about that. But we can make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

The real issue isn’t about using software.  Most states have switched to online payments, which means you’re using a computer to pay.  Why not use software to make the process simple and easy?

No, the real pros and cons of fuel tax software are about the type of software you use.

Are you going to pay for a software that does nothing else but your IFTA taxes?

When the exact same data for your IFTA computations also can be used for

  • invoicing
  • IRP
  • maintenance
  • determining your profitability as a company

Why would you buy a stand-alone product where you’ll have to enter that by hand again?

  1. It wastes your time – when you get paid for your time. (What was that about speed?)
  2. It increases the chances of a data typo – and hours to find it and fix it.  (So much for accuracy.)
  3. It steals your money when there’s something better out there. (Did someone mention security?)

Okay, snarkiness aside:

There’s nothing safer as an investment than a tool that produces income for you instead of costing you time and money to use.

That’s why we think TruckingOffice is better than any stand-alone IFTA software program.  IFTA is only one part of an owner-operator’s need for software.  Truckers need more.  We provide it.  In the end, that’s the best pro and con fuel tax software argument.

You’re looking at another IFTA report due in less than 6 weeks.  Why wait?  If you start with TruckingOffice today, you can enter all of this quarter’s data in now, keep it updated for the rest of this month, and you’ll have an IFTA report in minutes on April 1.  You won’t feel like an April Fool then!

We’re so sure you’ll love our fuel tax software that you can take it for a free test drive starting today. In addition to its IFTA features, TruckingOffice also has powerful capabilities that allow you to manage various aspects of running a modern trucking business, including truck maintenance, invoicing, and paying your people. With all these advantages, what are you waiting for? Start your complimentary trial of our fuel tax software beginning today. You’ll soon wonder how you ever got along without it.

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