Fleet management technology is transforming the trucking world every day, and that’s a good thing. Those of us who have been around for a while can remember the days before everyone had smartphones, iPads, and laptops. While it’s easy to get nostalgic for the old days, it’s a simple fact that the benefits of this new high-tech world outweigh its disadvantages. Let’s see why:

  • Today’s fleet management technology automates tasks that used to drive truckers insane. Take paying your IFTA taxes, for example. Sitting hunched over a kitchen table with a calculator and a pen, scribbling on pieces of scrap paper, isn’t exactly an enjoyable task. TruckingOffice fleet management technology handles this annoying chore for you while making sure you never overpay your fuel taxes again.
  • TruckingOffice fleet management technology can ensure that you never miss required maintenance on your fleet. That’s important from both a financial and a public safety point of view. If you doubt this, then just google, “truck driver accident,” and see how many law firm websites pop up on your screen. Not only can TruckingOffice help you avoid a wreck, but it can also save you from a wrongful lawsuit by reminding you when important maintenance tasks are due. That’s a good deal for both you and the driving public.
  • Fleet management technology enables you to fine-tune your business with its invoice creation, payroll calculation, load management, and other tools. Imagine trying to keep track of all that stuff in your head. TruckingOffice takes those burdens off your shoulders, giving you more time to log miles, which is the only thing that puts money in your pocket anyway.
  • Now here’s the disadvantage of our fleet management software: it can spoil you quick! Of course, most people wouldn’t consider that a “con.” But we thought we should mention it.

We’re so convinced that you’ll love TruckingOffice, we offer a free 30-day test drive to new subscribers. Take our product on the road with you for a full four weeks and see if it’s not everything we say it is. And don’t worry about giving us your checking account or credit card information. We won’t ask for it unless you decide to go with us for the long haul. You’ll soon wonder how you ever got along without our fleet management technology.

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