Looking at owner operator trucking software?owner operator trucking software

As an owner operator, you need just a few things to get started as a trucker.  You need:

  1. a cab
  2. a trailer
  3. a load
  4. a way to manage all the paperwork including dispatches, routing,  invoices, late payments, factoring, IFTA, IRP, maintenance records, maintenance scheduling and reports to tell you if you’re making money.

Well, the first three sound pretty simple.

Maybe you’re thinking you could skip that last one, just for now.

If you’re just starting up, do you need software?

Owner operator trucking software packages are out there.  Google will bring up dozens.  How do you decide?

Did you look at #4 up on the list?  That’s a lot of work to do by hand.  In fact, it’s probably the number one reason truckers give up the road.  Owner operators may know how to drive a truck and manage a load, but the paperwork is a challenge they can’t overcome.  When they worked for a trucking business, they never saw this side of the job.  Now they’re behind on billing, which leads to not enough cash on hand to buy fuel or inability to maintain their rigs the right way… It’s a mess and plenty of truckers park their rigs and give it all up.  Too bad they didn’t look into a software package that could manage it all.

Trucking in the 21st century has software to manage all that paperwork faster than you could do it all by hand.  Why wouldn’t you want a good software package to take care of all those things?

But… the cost!

Look at it in the simplest terms:

Your goal is to drive, not to manage paperwork.  You don’t get paid for sitting at a desk and putting an invoice in an envelope with a stamp on it.  You’re not a bookkeeper.  You’re a trucker.

If you want to write your own software, go ahead.  But think of this:  trucking software is complicated.  You may end up with more bugs than your windshield does.

So you have to get a software that’s going to handle all those details.  You could get multiple software packages:  this one for IFTA, that one for billing, another one for maintenance.

If you get multiple software packages, you’re buying trouble.  Transpose numbers and the IFTA is wrong.  Forget to attach the bill of lading and delay your pay.  Will your maintenance program notice when your rig’s mileage indicates it’s time for service – unless you’re putting those numbers in there too as well as the invoicing program?

Why would you do that?  Do you like putting data into a computer?  I didn’t think so.

Instead of trying to manage all that with a pen and paper and a logbook that maybe you didn’t always remember to fill out… what’s a one invoice paid on time worth to you?  What’s one fine because you didn’t do your IFTA correctly?  That’s the value to consider – not the price you’ll pay monthly for a subscription to TruckingOffice.

If you’ve been on the road a while, you know you need software.

Our owner operator trucking software is like a turbocharger for your business. It enables you to knock out tasks in minutes that would otherwise take hours of excruciating work, freeing you from stress and enabling you to spend more time on the things that actually make you money.

The IFTA alone will take hours over days if you’re doing it by hand.  I know – I used to do it.  It was one of the reasons that I created TruckingOffice.

Look, you’ve seen all the ads for all those software programs out there.  You’re probably feeling more than a little overwhelmed trying to make the choice.  So let me suggest this to you:

Drive like a boss.  Drive like a pro.  Use the owner operator trucking software program that will manage everything quickly and efficiently.

That’s TruckingOffice.

With our subscription-based service, TruckingOffice owner operator trucking software is better and easier to use than ever before. Here are some of the great benefits it offers:

  • Scalable features that cover every aspect of running a modern transportation business. TruckingOffice easily adapts itself to meet your needs, whether you run one truck or 1000. We’re ready to grow right along with you!
  • Security safeguards that keep your valuable information safe from hackers and data thieves. Plus, our cloud-based format protects your data from fires, hard drive crashes, and other threats that could shut down other products cold.
  • Easy-to-use screens that allow you to simply enter basic information into handy online forms and let the software do all the math, adjusting itself instantly to match your business’ unique data. Forget about scribbling on scratch paper and recalculating over and over to check for mistakes. Our owner operator trucking software saves you from all the hassles that drive you crazy, bringing your business into the modern age and saving you endless aggravation.
  • Built-in reminders that ensure you will never miss sending an invoice, performing essential maintenance on your fleet, or paying your IFTA taxes on time. As you know, any of these little mistakes can cost you dearly. That’s why our owner operator trucking software helps you stay on top of every aspect of running your business.

Enough talk. Find out for yourself how good TruckingOffice is by taking it for a free 30-day test drive starting today. Soon you’ll wonder how you ever got along without our owner operator trucking software.

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