The Best Owner-Operator Christmas gift

At this time of year, all the family members of owner-operator truckers are trying to find the best gift for them.  And they’re probably looking at Amazon right now trying to pick out the best gift for you.  When a trucker’s on the road for days at a time, the best gift of all may be time together.  Isn’t that the best owner-operator Christmas gift of all?

But when you’re both running the trucking business – one at home and one on the road – maybe it’s as simple as giving you both the same gift.  Something that takes up no space in the cab, limited time to set up, almost no time to use and frees up your trucker to spend time with you.  Something that will free the at-home half of the team from the time in front of the computer and calculator.

Give the gift of TruckingOffice – and help both of you with it.

We’ll be glad to give you a free trial of TruckingOffice Trucking Management Software.  (Our Christmas gift to you!)

With TruckingOffice, the driver can enter the data on a smartphone or a tablet or laptop with WIFI.  Those numbers immediately are available to the person at home who manages the billing.  (Hey, the trucker can even send out the bill from the truck cab if that works for you!)  And those numbers can immediately translate into

  • IFTA reports
  • IRP reports
  • Invoicing tracking
  • Company reports that work for trucking businesses.

No reentry of the data at home trying to read scribbles on the back of scrap paper or napkins.  Trip and state mileage are automatically computed when you use PC*Miler.  Fuel purchases can be entered into the expenses section while the trucker is still at the fuel pump.  And you’ll never lose another fuel receipt if your trucker takes a picture of the receipt and sends it to you or saves it in our special FileSAFE program. How’s that for an owner-operator Christmas gift to both of you?

Did we just save you hours of work and frustration?  There’s more.

Tracking maintenance isn’t just one of those things you get around to.  By using TruckingOffice’s maintenance module, you can track what’s been done and by who – and when it needs to be checked or done again.

TruckingOffice makes the trucking business work.  TruckingOffice makes it easy.

Isn’t that the best owner-operator Christmas gift for both of you?

If you haven’t found the best owner-operator Christmas gift – here it is.  TruckingOffice TMS.  Because both of you deserve it.

It’s not too late!  You can get your free trial and put it under the tree today!

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