Are you using a trucking software program only for IFTA filings? If you’re here only for IFTA, let us show you what you’re missing.

Easy IFTA and Invoices

Yes, TruckingOffice was created right from the start by a trucker and a programmer to manage IFTA and invoices. But it didn’t take long for the programmer to realize that all the data that an owner-operator was required to collect could be put into a program and used in a multitude of ways.

(Sometimes, we need an outsider to point out the obvious.)

Dispatch and routing lead to invoices. But routing also produces numbers for IFTA. And with TruckingOffice PRO, those numbers are from PC*Miler, which the DOT recognizes as accurate and valid. No more having to try to remember to write down your truck’s mileage at mile markers or try to figure everything out with Google Maps.

When a dispatch is entered into TruckingOffice, we don’t just stop there with the numbers once IFTA and invoices are done. You need more and we provide it.

Fast IRP

It’s the same numbers, right?

IFTA takes miles per state and computes the fuel taxes that are due. IRP takes the miles per state and figures out how much you owe each jurisdiction for your truck license plates. Same exact numbers, just counted up annually.

Using TruckingOffice PRO, you can get an IRP report in less than a minute. Instead of wasting your time trying to track the past year’s miles per state, why not use the feature that TruckingOffice PRO already provides?

Maintenance Makes Money

There are considerations about your truck maintenance.

  1. Can’t make money if the rig doesn’t run.
  2. DOT and FMCSA compliance reviews demand records of work done on the rig.
  3. Some work needs to be scheduled by time and others by mileage.

Yes, we do not make money on a truck that’s off the road. That’s just basic. Taking time to assess your rig before every trip is smart. It’s not the fuel line leak you discover in the parking lot that takes you off the road, it’s the fuel line leak that costs hundreds of dollars more when things go south on the road. The oil pump breakdown that takes out your engine is what will destroy your trucking business.

By keeping your rig in the best possible condition, you’re protecting yourself and your investment.


Is there another industry that has more than transportation? We don’t think so. It’s either paper filed back in your garage or keeping records online. Either way, you have to produce the records upon demand. While you may have the records, can you find them upon demand?

Brakes, suspensions, air lines: you name it and there’s a schedule for replacing the worn parts. But those schedules aren’t always based on time. Many of them are based on mileage. Do you have a system that tracks both?

TruckingOffice has a complete maintenance program that will track repairs and remind you to schedule necessary work. We know that a lot of truckers who use TruckingOffice don’t use the maintenance features. But we also know of fleet managers who don’t use our invoicing but do use our maintenance features.

Why not use both?

Invoice Tracking to Get Paid On Time

In this 21st century, there is no reason for you to go off the road for any amount of time to handle your accounting. You can take a picture of the signed BOL and submit an invoice via email while sitting behind your wheel as the shipping crew waves goodbye to you.

Trying to keep track of all the details for an invoice is simple with TruckingOffice. You add the additional charges, including fuel surcharges and other fees like lumpers, directly onto the invoice as you go. You don’t have to save up pieces of paper to try to add them all up at home later when you get around to billing.

By keeping track of the details when you pay them, you reduce the risk of an invoice being rejected by the shipper.

TruckingOffice PRO doesn’t just send out the invoices for you. You can run a report that will show you who hasn’t paid and how late they are. You don’t need QuickBooks to manage your billing when TruckingOffice PRO can do it all for you. If you’re already paying for TruckingOffice only for IFTAA and invoices, you might as well use it to track who is not paying you. That way, you can get paid.

Complete Driver Management to Retain Employees

Did you see that in the spring of 2022, Walmart is offering $100,000 for truckers to bring products to their stores? Maybe you know that you don’t want to haul for Walmart, but there are a lot of truckers who must be considering the offer. That means if you want to hire a driver, you’ve got to compete with that.

It’s true that trucking has a huge turnover in drivers. Some people are just going to other trucking firms. You know what they say: people don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.

TruckingOffice tracks everything you need if you’re working with drivers. From medical records and licenses to mileage and hours, TruckingOffice tracks it all so that you can pay your drivers accurately and on time. You don’t have to worry about the details because TruckingOffice tracks that all for you. Only for IFTA? TruckingOffice works well beyond your IFTA and invoices to build your business. (And if you’re working with drivers, you may want to add the TruckingOffice ELD that integrates directly with the trucking software. You know where your load is and get all the mileage numbers accurately.)

Trucking Business Growth

A smart trucker is not thinking just about this year’s bottom line. Investing the money a truck requires, and the time it takes to get your CDL – you don’t want to walk away from the time and money you’ve spent to become an owner-operator or a fleet owner.

Running a trucking business is a lot like other businesses if you don’t think about how we must look at how to grow. Because we have to think in different measurements – we think in miles, miles per state, miles per load, revenue per mile, expenses per mile.

QuickBooks does not think in miles.

So if you’re looking for a software package that’s going to give you the insights that a trucker needs to grow the business, you can’t count on an accountant’s software to help you. You need a trucking software package that was designed from the start to work for truckers, not accountants.

You’ll need a Company Overview report. Only for IFTA? Nope. Not at all. We’ve got 15 trucking-specific reports for you in TruckingOffice PRO to help you discover

  • how you make money
  • where you’re losing money

and much, much more.

Don’t Use TruckingOffice Only for IFTA and invoices

As you can see, there’s a lot more to TruckingOffice than only for IFTA and invoices. Your business is bigger than IFTA and invoices and has the potential to grow even more. So use all the features of TruckingOffice PRO to run your trucking business and grow it into a successful business!

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