TruckingOffice is sold as an online monthly subscription. This is done for several reasons.

For starters there are no up front costs. If you purchase a program to install on your computer then you have to pay for the whole thing up front and install it on your computer. Even if you don’t mind the upfront cost it could be problematic to have your data stored on your computer. Have you ever gotten a virus that caused you to have to format the hard drive? Even if this hasn’t happened to you I am sure that you know someone who has had this problem.

What if you want to put the program on more than one computer? Other software programs charge extra to put it on more than one computer, then you have to be able to set up a network to keep all the records in sync.  TruckingOffice can be easily accessed from any computer with an internet conection at no additional cost.

What about the upgrades and new versions of the software? Software companies continue to develop new versions that they plan to sell to you. So even after you pay for the software upfront and figure out how to network all of your computers together so that you can keep all your records in sync and make sure that your computers are safe from viruses, natural disasters such as fires or theft, with other software programs you will eventually have to buy the updates for your fancy software that is already difficult to use.

What about when you buy a new computer? With other software programs you will have to figure out how to transfer all of the software and all of your records to the new computer. Then what if the old software does not work with the new computer.  What a hassle! I think that you and I both know that the last thing you need are more hassles!

What if there was a better way? What if you could store all you records in a safe secure online website? What if you could access it from any computer anytime from anywhere? What if you could have as many users as you want to for no additional cost? What if there were no up front costs at all… no purchase fees… no set up fees…. What if you could just pay as you go and get all your updates and upgrades immediately and for no additional cost? TruckingOffice delivers all that and more. At TruckingOffice we not only deliver convenience and versatility, but we also guarantee the safe secure storage of your data. At TruckingOffice we not only deliver an easy to use common sense solution to your management problems, but your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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