Recent Updates:

Recently we added a lot of upgrades to our reporting section.  We have added more detail and statistics to the company overview report.  We added a breakdown of miles driven on the miles report.  Now you can not only see the total miles by state – you can also see a breakdown of loaded miles, empty miles, and miles per truck.  The fuel report now shows the total cost of fuel by state and the gallons by truck in addition the gallons by state.

We also added 3 new reports:

Fuel Vendor Report.  Displays all fuel purchased by vendor to evaluate which vendors save you the most money on fuel.
Miles Per Gallon Report.  Displays miles, gallons, and miles per gallon for each truck which will help you evaluate which trucks get the best mileage and operate the most efficiently.
Quarterly IFTA Report.  Puts the miles by state and fuel by state all on one comprehensive report that can be printed and sent in with your IFTA returns.

*All miles for all reports provided by PC*Miler.

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