We get asked – a lot – how to use TruckingOffice with Quickbooks.QuickBooks and TruckingOffice Together

Until now, there simply wasn’t a good answer for them – and we lost a fair bit of sales because of it.  

For us, TruckingOffice did just about everything that an owner-operator would want.  We manage dispatches and we send out invoices.  It took us a while to realize just why people wanted this feature

  • Their bookkeepers use QuickBooks.
  • Their tax accountants use Quickbooks.

Most owner operators are fine with using TruckingOffice’s accounting features.  They don’t need more.  But once a trucker gets the authority to broker loads and hire other truckers, our accounting features don’t compare to QuickBooks.

It does make sense to be able to send your invoices over to QuickBooks instead of re-entering the data.  After all, that’s what TruckingOffice is all about – entering the data one time and using it every way we can.  

So we fixed that.

Integration with QuickBooks:  Online and Offline

For those who only use the QuickBooks program that they purchased and use offline:

You can now export the list of your clients to QuickBooks.  Look for the Export button on our page and all of your current accounts will be sent over to QuickBooks.

For those who use QuickBooks Online, we’ve got good news for you.

Working with Intuit, we’ve been able to integrate our system with theirs.  Enter the dispatch into TruckingOffice and when the invoice is created, you can send that directly to QuickBooks.

But there’s more.   You can send expenses such as

  • Fuel Purchases
  • Tolls
  • Maintenance bills
  • Office Supplies

to your accountant or bookkeeper.  Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable both benefit from the integration.  Your IFTA taxes, IRP fees, and driver settlements can all be managed with our new compatible system.

Everything can be on the bookkeeper’s computer in seconds.  No need for the monthly trip to the bookkeeper with a shoe box full of receipts.  (It’s possible that you’ll cut your bookkeeping costs considerably by using QuickBooks Online with TruckingOffice.)

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