In today’s competitive trucking and logistics industry there are plenty of expenses to spend your money on, and plenty of other investments you could make.  Similar trucking software companies charge thousands of dollars for trucking management software like TruckingOffice. When I first got started in this business,  I always figured that my money was better invested in more trucks and trailers than software systems to run my business.  That was largely because the software I had to choose from didn’t fit.  I had thin profit margins so the really expensive systems where out of my financial reach. The “cheap” systems I could find ended up doing little to make my business run better than I could on my own with a spreadsheet.  With TruckingOffice you no longer have to choose between capital investment and smart management.
That was the reason I set out to build TruckingOffice.  I wanted something built for my business that would help me make more money without costing me a fortune.  TruckingOffice is very dynamic with features such as: automatic mileage tracking using PC*Miler, complete dispatching and invoicing, and maintenance planning. And when I launched TruckingOffice I wanted to make it the best deal in trucking management software and  I wanted to do that without compromising the functionality that I needed for my business.  Over the last 8 months, the TruckingOffice team has be able to achieve both missions.  We have offered very low prices and continued to add new features to TruckingOffice.
It has been exciting to see the number of companies choosing TruckingOffice growing every day.  As we’ve taken on new customers we have learned a lot about what they needed, and how to grow TruckingOffice to serve them better.   Using what we have learned over the last 8 months, we would like to make the best deal in trucking management software even better by passing along our savings to our customers.  In the past we were billing based on the exact number of trucks,  this meant that you had to think about the price increase for each truck you tracked in our system.  We have decided to simplify the pricing to make it easier to do business with us.
Here are the new pricing plans:
Owner/Operator Plan (1-2 trucks) = $20
Mid-size Plan (3-7 trucks) = $45
Fleet Plan (8 or more trucks) = $75

How does this new pricing affect our users?
All of our paying customers will get a price reduction.  Everyone who is currently on a paying plan will be contacted and transitioned to the new pricing plans very soon.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime.
If you are on a free plan, we will allow you to continue using TruckingOffice as a way of saying thank you for helping TruckingOffice grow. But, we will not be offering any new free plan sign-ups.

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