IFTA is one of the biggest pains of trucking. Requiring detailed mile tracking, tedious paperwork and worse, tons of money in taxes, it’s typically a driver’s most loathed part of the job —understandably so. Until recently, there was just no way to make it easier. Drivers used up countless hours calculating mileage, and in the end, most paid more than they needed to, due to inaccurate reporting.

Fortunately, IFTA doesn’t have to be such a pain anymore, not with our truck mileage calculator. A cloud-based tool that tracks mileage automatically and seamlessly as you drive, the TruckingOffice mileage calculator eases the IFTA burden that drivers face every month.

Instead of spending time recording miles and trying to discover the correct and current tax rates, using a software package that does it all for you – and then uses the data for invoicing and IRP as well as IFTA reports – only makes good sense.

Our truck mileage calculator also:

  • Ensures accurate tax calculations. You neither want to overpay on your taxes nor do you want to underpay and face fines and penalties. Our calculator determines mileages with painstaking accuracy. The tool also tracks them down to the tenth of a mile, and it won’t round off until they’re all totaled up and ready for your IFTA form, basically eliminating any extra miles in your calculations.
  • Makes payments easier. Tired of going through paper logs to determine driver payments? Sick of filling out forms and doing all kinds of calculations come payday? The TruckingOffice truck mileage calculator makes determining by-mile payments seamless and instant.
  • Saves you money and time. Our mileage calculator can help you find more efficient routes and even provide directions for those routes. This cuts down on mileage, fuel costs, and taxes and helps you deliver loads faster and more efficiently.

Change the Way You Drive

Are you tired of tedious IFTA forms? Sick of all the math? Want to prevent over- or under-paying your taxes? Then give our truck mileage calculator a whirl. Start your free trial now, or contact the TruckingOffice team for more details.

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