Are you a procrastinator? Do you need motivation for truck maintenance? After all, your truck is doing fine. You do your visual inspections, you get your oil changed and brakes worked on. What else is there to do? Maybe you need some deeper motivation for truck maintenance. Maybe you need TruckingOffice PRO to help you manage it without the headaches?

Fuel Efficiency

How much did you pay for your last tank of fuel? Did you feel it? We saw prices jump over 50 cents per gallon in a single day. Other days, the prices rose higher. How many truckers have parked their rig because they can’t make money when fuel prices are skyrocketing?

Making sure your engine is in the best possible condition is basic. A properly running engine gets the best possible fuel efficiency. Properly inflated tires also contribute to keeping your fuel consumption down.

Anything that reduces how much we have to pay at the fuel pump is a good thing.

Is that enough motivation for truck maintenance?

How do you track your scheduled maintenance? There are some small tasks that might slip your mind. By making sure that fuel filters and air filters are clean, you’re improving your fuel efficiency. That means more miles per gallon.

Tires are expensive. Just thinking about replacing all of them at one time?! That kind of expense isn’t one you ignore.

But tire maintenance isn’t optional. Making sure that tires are properly inflated and rotating them as needed will help prevent the on-the-road breakdowns where you get the tire they bring you, at the price they want.

Maintenance schedules for items such as tires that are determined by miles, not by time, become tricky to schedule. That’s why they may get forgotten. It’s hard to think that we might forget our tires, but it happens.

Avoiding the on the road repair gives us security. We can’t control everything, but we can be confident that we’ve done everything we can.

Our motivation for truck maintenance grows when we remember the price of not paying attention to our tires.


Ever seen a cab upside down beside the road? I drove past a wreck along an exit ramp off I-77 a few weeks ago with the cab completely flipped over. I don’t know what happened – load shift, wind, having to dodge a bad driver – but it looked horrible. Maintenance might not have made a difference in that accident, but having all of your truck’s systems in the best possible condition will prevent dangerous accidents. Certainly if there’s an accident, having records of the maintenance work done on a truck will be examined.

Do We Need Motivation for Truck Maintenance This Month?

How about CVSA? This year’s CVSA is soon. Are you prepared? Or are you hiding?

Even after the Roadcheck Blitz is over, tracking maintenance is never done. Making sure that the work is done and the records are complete is our job as an owner-operator. Get that detail off your mind and relax!

We will always say that TruckingOffice trucking management software is the best option for your trucking maintenance – scheduling, tracking and recordkeeping. Do you want to see what we have to offer? Take a look at our complete program by signing up today for a free trial run. You’ll have time to examine every part of our trucking software which is designed with truckers in mind.

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